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Why should we start so globally, speaking of the world, withall its myriad events, as deterministic? One might have thought that afocus on individual events is more appropriate: an event E iscausally determined if and only if there exists a set of prior events{A, B, C …} that constitute a(jointly) sufficient cause of E. Then if all—or evenjust most—events E that are our human actionsare causally determined, the problem that matters to us, namely thechallenge to free will, is in force. Nothing so global as states ofthe whole world need be invoked, nor even a completedeterminism that claims all events to be causallydetermined.

Why?The paper is worth 100 points.Essays will be graded based upon the criteria given below:COMMAND OF TOPIC (up to 50 points)Essay addresses assignment, and demonstrates independent thinking and familiarity with course materials.ARGUMENTATIVE DEVELOPMENT (up to 30 points)Essay shows careful development of related ideas in coherent, sequential paragraphs.ORGANIZATION (up to 10 points)Student has edited the essay, ensuring that sentences are clear and logical.WRITING MECHANICS & SYNTAX (up to 10 points)Essay is free from errors in word choice and writing mechanics

Research has shown that criminality is strongly correlated with low arousal levels in the brain.

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In relation to that, some researchers have claimed that it is the family environment that influences the hyperactivity of children (Schmitz, 2003).

A significant point that should be known however is the fact that other research has supported the notion that genetics do influence levels of aggression, which stands in opposition to the social learning theory (Miles & Carey, 1997).There are theories, however, concerning genetic and environmental influences, which seem to suggest an interaction between the two and one such theory is the general arousal theory of criminality.

This is a form of indeterminism first highlighted by Earman and Norton(1987) as an interpretive philosophical difficulty for realism aboutGTR's description of the world, especially the point manifoldM. They showed that realism about the manifold as a part ofthe furniture of the universe (which they called “manifoldsubstantivalism”) commits us to an automatic indeterminism inGTR (as described above), and they argued that this is unacceptable.(See and Hoefer (1996) for one response on behalf of the space-timerealist, and discussion of other responses.) For now, we will simplynote that this indeterminism, unlike most others we are discussing inthis section, is empirically undetectable: our two modelsM, g, T> and theshifted model M, h*g,h*T> are empiricallyindistinguishable.

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Defining an appropriate form of determinism for the context of generalrelativistic physics is extremely difficult, due to both foundationalinterpretive issues and the plethora of weirdly-shaped space-timemodels allowed by the theory's field equations. The simplest way oftreating the issue of determinism in GTR would be to state flatly:determinism fails, frequently, and in some of the most interestingmodels. Here we will briefly describe some of the most importantchallenges that arise for determinism, directing the reader yet againto Earman (1986), and also Earman (1995) for more depth.

Entrepreneurs usually determine how much risk is appropriate for certain ventures and control how much of a service will be produced....

Prior research on the relationship between family environment and child behavior characterizes a child's well being with a positive and caring parent-child relationship, a stimulating home environment, and consistent disciplinary techniques (Schmitz, 2003).

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Moreover, there is a burgeoning literature of physical orquasi-physical systems, usually set in the context of classicalphysics, that carry out supertasks (see Earman and Norton (1998) andthe entry on for a review). Frequently, the puzzle presented is to decide, on thebasis of the well-defined behavior before time t =a, what state the system will be in at t =a itself. A failure of CM to dictate a well-defined resultcan then be seen as a failure of determinism.

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Finally, an elegant example of apparent violation of determinism inclassical physics has been created by John Norton (2003). Asillustrated in , imagine a ball sitting at the apex of a frictionless dome whoseequation is specified as a function of radial distance from the apexpoint. This rest-state is our initial condition for the system; whatshould its future behavior be? Clearly one solution is for the ball toremain at rest at the apex indefinitely.

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John Earman's Primer on Determinism (1986) remains therichest storehouse of information on the truth or falsity ofdeterminism in various physical theories, from classical mechanics toquantum mechanics and general relativity. (See also his recent updateon the subject, “Aspects of Determinism in Modern Physics”(2007)). Here I will give only a brief discussion of some key issues,referring the reader to Earman (1986) and other resources for moredetail. Figuring out whether well-established theories aredeterministic or not (or to what extent, if they fall only a bitshort) does not do much to help us know whether our world isreally governed by deterministic laws; all our current besttheories, including General Relativity and the Standard Model ofparticle physics, are too flawed and ill-understood to be mistaken foranything close to a Final Theory. Nevertheless, as Earman stressed,the exploration is very valuable because of the way it enriches ourunderstanding of the richness and complexity of determinism.

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Research seems consistent in recognizing that heritability influences adult behavior more than environmental influences, but that for children and adolescents the environment is the most significant factor influencing their behavior (Rhee & Waldman, 2002).

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Two features of special relativistic physics make it perhaps the mosthospitable environment for determinism of any major theoreticalcontext: the fact that no process or signal can travel faster than thespeed of light, and the static, unchanging spacetime structure. Theformer feature, including a prohibition against tachyons (hypotheticalparticles travelling faster than light)[]), rules out space invaders and other unbounded-velocity systems. Thelatter feature makes the space-time itself nice and stable andnon-singular—unlike the dynamic space-time of GeneralRelativity, as we shall see below. For source-free electromagneticfields in special-relativistic space-time, a nice form of Laplaceandeterminism is provable. Unfortunately, interesting physics needs morethan source-free electromagnetic fields. Earman (1986) ch. IV surveysin depth the pitfalls for determinism that arise once things areallowed to get more interesting (e.g. by the addition of particlesinteracting gravitationally).

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The separation of space-time structures into manifold and metric (orconnection) facilitates mathematical clarity in many ways, but alsoopens up Pandora's box when it comes to determinism. The indeterminismof the Earman and Norton hole argument is only the tip of the iceberg;singularities make up much of the rest of the berg. In general terms,a singularity can be thought of as a “place where things gobad” in one way or another in the space-time model. For example,near the center of a Schwarzschild black hole, curvature increaseswithout bound, and at the center itself it is undefined, which meansthat Einstein's equations cannot be said to hold, which means(arguably) that this point does not exist as a part of the space-timeat all! Some specific examples are clear, but giving a generaldefinition of a singularity, like defining determinism itself in GTR,is a vexed issue (see Earman (1995) for an extended treatment;Callender and Hoefer (2001) gives a brief overview). We will notattempt here to catalog the various definitions and types ofsingularity.

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