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All of these topics can form the basis for a good term paper.

A good EEI would be to investigate this capillary behaviour of water. I used two pieces of window (louvre) glass clipped at the left with a bulldog clip, and a piece of wire holding the glass apart at the right. To get the data I just enlarged the photo and printed it off on some A4 graph paper. I was thinking of enlarging it to A3 size in a photocopier but it was during the school holidays and I wasn't that keen.

Ceiling insulation is one way of improving the energy efficiency of a home. Insulation materials such as polyester, fibreglass or wool "batts", metal foil and shredded newspaper are just some of the ways it can be done. In 2010 the Australian Government subsidized the installation of batts and foil in 550000 homes at a cost of $2.45 billion. Many were installed improperly and in some case fires and death occurred. The research question that could be useful for a Senior Physics EEI is what factors affect the thermal insulation property of a material?

This paper will describe some of the discoveries.

The paper concludes with support for Steady-State over Big Bang.

Through this paper I will be examining the physics of dribbling and shooting.

University of California, Riverside scientists are working on the Compact Muon Sollenoid () experiment in the Large Hadron Collider () at . A team led by , a professor of , has been examining CMS data to look for evidence of a “Majorana neutrino.” Ellison’s team led the search and developed most of the analysis techniques. The team also performed most of the analysis. The research paper can be found .

The Publications Committee chair is one of the most visible positions within the 2500-person collaboration. This chair appoints all internal review committees, oversees the collaboration-wide reviews and final readings of all papers, approves all journal submissions and interactions with journal referees, and works closely with the physics coordination and spokesperson on issues regarding publications. It requires someone with good editorial, organizational, and personal skills, and good judgment. The PubComm chair appoints all the board chairs and PubComm board members.

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An interesting paper by physicists Yunis and Rahman from the University of Agriculture, Malaysia published in (V27 (16), 1988 has some good practical ideas ( to download). I also read on one site "I think it's worth bearing in mind that the refractive index is mostly a matter of dielectric constant so it typically has a lot to do with the electric charges in the material". That suggests a comparison of ionic (sodium chloride) vs molecular (sugar) solutes; or even monoprotic (Na+) vs diprotic (Mg2+) ionic solutes. Read about laser safety in the EEI above.

This paper will explain a few of the key concepts behind the physics of skydiving....

Another neat way of exploring the factors affecting flow rate in liquids is shown in the diagram below. It could be used in university physics. The motion sensor measures the changing height of the water column by using an ultrasound beam. These are commonly available in high school laboratories these days (Vernier, DataLogger Pro etc). Again, by changing the thickness of the tube, or length, or viscosity you can measure the rate of change of height (the height of water is related to pressure (P = F/A = mg/A = ρgh). For high school, you could also keep pressure constant by having a small hose from the lab tap going into the top of the column (and doing away with the motion sensor). You could do it with a plastic water bottle, a stopper or two and some glass tubing. What a great EEI! A paper about this experiment is available from the . Click to download. If you do it as an EEI be sure to send me a photo for this page.

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A first year university experiment is shown in the diagram below but you could do it with a Buchner flask in place of RF (below) and a plastic water bottle, stoppers and glass tubing. You hook up a vacuum pump to reduce the pressure in flask RF and when the valve "A" is opened water flows from jar CF through the pipe "T" into the flask RF. By measuring the volume of water collected in a given time for a controlled pressure and tube diameter and thickness you can look at relationships. Then vary the length of the pipe, or its thickness, or the pressure, or the viscosity and so on. What a fabulous experiment for an EEI. A paper about this experiment is available from the . Click to download. If you do it as an EEI please send me a photo for this webpage.

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The research is outlined in a paper, “,” published online Monday (Jan. 18) in the journal Nature Physics. and , assistant professors of physics at UC Riverside, are among the co-authors.

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When you let a tap run in a sink (see below), you notice a very interesting phenomenon called 'Hydraulic jump'. When a smooth column of water from the tap hits a horizontal plane (the sink), it flows out radially. At some radius, its height suddenly rises. This is the hydraulic jump (HJ). British physicist Lord Rayleigh was the first to attempt a explanation of these shallow water flows (in a 1914 paper titled ). Since then, a considerable amount of work has been devoted to this question both from experimental and theoretical viewpoints.

The Francis Crick Papers The Discovery of the Double Helix, 1951-1953

A research paper by Nathaniel Gabor, an assistant professor of physics and astronomy, received one of the three “Best Paper Awards for 2014″ at the 2014 SPIE Optics + Photonics Meeting in August in San Diego, Calif., that had more than 3,000 presenters in the fields of optical spectroscopy and photonics research. The conference is the largest international conference for optics and related fields.

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RIVERSIDE, Calif. – Superconductivity – a quantum phenomenon in which metals below a certain temperature develop flow of current with no loss or resistance – is one of the most exciting problems in physics, which has resulted in investments worldwide of enormous brain power and resources since its discovery a little over a century ago. Many prominent theorists, Nobel laureates among them, have proposed theories for new classes of superconducting materials discovered several decades later, followed by teams of experimentalists working furiously to provide solid evidence for these theories. More than 100,000 research papers have been published on the new materials.

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Applying a voltage difference across a conductor and measuring the current flowing through a resistor allows the resistance of the conducting material to be determined. From this you can calculate the resistivity if you know the length of the sample and its cross-sectional area. From work done by Christopher Fuse and colleagues at Rollins College, Florida, USA, Play Doh is ohmic up to about 1 V (thanks to the sodium chloride) and thereafter non-ohmic[The Physics Teacher, V51(6) Sept 2013, pp 351].

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