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PAPER PLANES LIVE on Letterman -…3 Aug 2008 Free Hottest Ringtone.

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Writing for magazine, Colm Larkin said that the album's penultimate track was a "downtempo masterpiece that's like a torch song for the world's disaffected and poor with its chorus line", adding that with the song, the singer-songwriter remained "one of the best things to happen to 21st century music." In his review of , Mark Pytlik of wrote that the song was "an island tinged nursery rhyme." Writing for , praised M.I.A.'s self-sampling ethos, noting her profound sense of "just how fucked-up and unglamorous it is to grow up at the bottom of both First World and Third World societies." In the line "No one on the corner had swagger like us / Hit me on the burner prepaid wireless" he writes that "it's the prepaid wireless that's genius: the tiny sociological detail of the immigrant buying prepaid minutes as opposed to the monthly plan, the daily calculations amounting to an extra fifty bucks a month sent back to Chiapas, Mexico, or Lomé, Togo, that rings true to those of us who came to the West from more dysfunctional parts of the world." Tom Breihan of the praised the song as continuing the "confounding, ambiguous political subtexts" that M.I.A.'s music carried, burying its meaning under layers of implication and forcing thorny and ambiguous questions about violence and advocacy, calling "Paper Planes" "a light and airy and bewitchingly pretty song" that also rode on its sample and chorus. Karim Maksoud of called "Paper Planes" an "immediately listenable" track that "showcases all the coarse fatalism, superficiality and backstabbing acerbity of the modern urban life, both in veracious lyrics, the scratched aesthetic and the lethargic, sedated bassline and backing beat maintained throughout." He concluded that the song emanated M.I.A.'s life experience and background "relentlessly" and presented a "tuneful amalgam of influences and exotic dynamic, one of the most promising for a while."

Read more.M.I.A. - Paper planes en Letterman -…30 Sep 2007  M.I.A. en vivo en el show de Letterman.

M.I.A. - Paper planes en Letterman.

- Paper planes at Letterman (LIVE version) - YouTube Paper planes at Letterman zshare m.i.a.

"Paper Planes" is an song written and produced by , , and for M.I.A.'s second studio album, (2007). Its backing track is a sample from the 1982 song "" by , while the chorus is based on that of the 1992 song "".

M.I.A.'s choice to use a youth choir specifically from Brixton was surely no accident. Brixton, a working-class suburb located just south of London, played a leading role in late-twentieth-century Britain's struggles over race, immigration, and urban decay. (Brixton has the same symbolic importance in the UK as, say, or has in the US.) In the 1950s, Brixton became a mostly-black enclave as thousands of immigrants poured into the area, especially from British West Indian colonies like Jamaica and Trinidad. By the late 1970s, the city had become the scene of ferocious tension between black residents and white authorities. In 1981, heavy-handed police efforts to crack down on street crime on Brixton's main street, Railton Road, touched off widespread rioting. Hundreds of people were injured and dozens of buildings were burned. Railton Road became known as "The Frontline," with the rest of the country. Rioting erupted in Brixton again in both 1985 and 1995; today, the city remains the heart of London's Afro-Caribbean immigrant community and ground zero in Britain's struggle to reinvent itself as a multiracial society.

Even before the first Brixton riots occurred in 1981, the city's widespread racial tension, poverty, and social discontentment were evident enough to inspire The Clash to record which borrowed a reggae beat and the iconography of the cult-favorite film from Brixton's predominantly Jamaican culture. The song's grim message, recorded in 1979, sounded prophetic when the riots erupted just two years later: "When they kick out your front door / How you gonna come? / With your hands on your head? / Or on the trigger of your gun? / When the law break in / How you gonna go? / Shot down on the pavement? / Or waiting in death row? / You can crush us / You can bruise us / But you'll have to answer to / Woe, Guns of Brixton." The Clash, as flag-bearers for a certain engaged left-wing political sensibility within the British punk movement, became revered icons for many progressive musicians… like M.I.A., who uses a looped sample from another Clash song, "Straight to Hell," to provide the musical backbone for "Paper Planes."

'Paper Planes' on Letterman | PrefixM.I.A.?

This is postmodern art; in the end, it probably means whatever you think it means… until someone makes you think it means something different.

With that postmodern sensibility in mind, here are a few of our ideas about the many layers of meaning at play in "Paper Planes."

First and foremost, this is an immigrant song.

- Paper planes at Letterman (LIVE version) - …BY FREERINGTONESSS[VIDEO]M.I.A.

hippy69ljd 13,203 views · 2:04 · M.I.A. "Paper Planes" Live on David Letterman M.I.A. - Paper Planes - live Lollapalooza, August…29 Jan 2011 M.I.A. performs "Paper Planes" live at the 2007 Lollapalooza Music Festival in Chicago, IL, on August 3, 2007.M.I.A Live - Glastonbury 2014 - Paper Planes -…30 Jun 2014 I care little for the rest of her stuff - but this song is immaculate - the crowd are really up for it as well!.

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PAPER PLANES LIVE on Letterman - Duration: 3:46.

PAPER PLANES LIVE on Letterman - Duration: 3:46.

Betweeen 1997 and 2011, Channel [V] filmed the Big Day Out, along with M.I.A Paper Planes live Ultra Miami 2014 -…4 Apr 2014 M.I.A Live - Glastonbury 2014 - Paper Planes - Duration: 2:04.

"Paper Planes" (Uncensored) - Video DailymotionM.I.A.

- Paper planes en Letterman - YouTube Paper planes en Letterman M.I.A.- Paper planes en vivo Festival Corona Capital 2013 - Duration: MIA - Paper Planes live at Terminal 5 Video: M.I.A.

Afrikan Boy - Paper Planes live at Glastonbury (2014).

was prevented from entering the United States; it's hard not to imagine that this experience colored the first verse of "Paper Planes," with its lyrics about evading the border police, using phony visas, and selling fake IDs.

Paper Planes Lyric -…Lethal Poison for the system - M.I.A.

Actually, it should come as no surprise that some brouhaha has arisen from M.I.A.'s Mia On Letterman Paper Planes | JamTech Institute: Your M.I.A.

mia paper planes letterman paper

From $9.99/mo.M.I.A. "Paper Planes" Live on David…22 Dec 2015 the fact there's an actual dj makes it hip hop more than any of these stupid mumble rap mofos so yehnot an embarrassment.

M.I.A. - Paper planes at Letterman (LIVE version) - YouTube

M.I.A. revealed that the track was written as she and her American collaborator Diplo were breaking up in their three-year relationship and that the latter came up with the idea to sample the track "" by London band on the song. A video of both recording the track surfaced online. Ben Thomson of , citing and cultural theorist 's observations about the political implications of African folk music's genesis and sampling music in the urban west, comments on sampling in the context of the song and its aims, stating "sampling is what imperialists did when they colonised 'undeveloped' lands, calling theft 'development'. Sampling is [also] what ghettoised colonies do in revolt against property laws wired around them." According to Thomson, "Paper Planes" gives the post-colonial folk/hip-hop rapprochement a human face, who also said "the fact that this goal was achieved with the help of a sample from Straight to Hell by the Clash – who'd aimed for the same ideological bull's-eye decades before but not quite hit it – was truly the spicing on the samosa." Identifying with the ethos of The Clash, but not the "corporate, jock-rock that passes for punk today" M.I.A. told the of her motivations regarding the song "I do feel like a loner doing this, and I think punk is born out of a certain spirit that relates to that[...]You have to feel like nobody on the planet understands you, and you have to have teenage angst, basically, even after you grow up" saying her views towards contemporary mirrored those towards contemporary and the mainstream American scene, objecting not to the depiction of women but more the treatment and reception of female artists.

M.I.A. PAPER PLANES LIVE on Letterman - YouTube

herself had to survive a war somewhere—in Sri Lanka, in her case—and then endured the hardships of life as a refugee before becoming an international pop star.)

As powerful as this explanation for the lyrics of "Paper Planes" may be, there are other potential meanings at play here as well.

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