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About Nike Case 7.1: Fashioning the Female-Friendly Message.

Appendix 2. Some texts from noted authors
The texts below are given to highlight some of the issues in the subject areas of business ethics and corporate social responsibility. Not all comments from these authors can be used directly in the answers to the case study, but they should encourage you to think about company behaviour and practice. The texts illustrate some of the very real dilemmas faced by managers and policy makers in large organisations.
1 ‘It is being increasingly recognized by managers, policy-makers and researchers that business ethics in the global economy is simply too important to be left merely to chance. Global corporations such as McDonalds’s, Shell, Nike, Nestle and others have realized to their cost the threat that perceived ethical violations can pose to their zealously guarded reputations’. (Crane and Matten 2010:184)

Phillip H. Knight, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, is the co-founder of Nike, Inc. He has been the driving force behind our company's success since its inception in 1964 under the name Blue Ribbon Sports. Knight is 61 years of age and holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Oregon and an MBA from Stanford University. Knight practiced as a CPA and taught at Portland State University prior to founding the company known today as Nike. He has been an innovative visionary in the industry of athletic footwear and apparel. His efforts have helped to establish Nike as an industry leader in both national and international markets. Knight's managerial mode is one that is characterized by strategic planning. This mode is representative of an open-minded CEO, one willing to take calculated risks and make conservative decisions based on careful analysis of external and internal environments. Knight's decision-making style favors the participative approach. He is not hesitant to make unilateral decisions, but prefers to look to his trusted management team for their insight and ideas before choosing a course of action.

2.0 Summary =========== The report is about Nike, regarding the case study.

Nike Case Analysis - Nike Case Analysis The Positioning statement ..

Nike’s management analyzes its internal environment and makes decisions based on that analysis. Because of Nike’s marketing research, the company has decided to revamp its apparel division to be more fashion savvy. As a result of product and pricing research, Nike has decided to continue to focus on the high end market while increasing its market share in the middle and low price ranges in an attempt to broaden Nike’s product spectrum.

Co-founder, Philip H. Knight, has been with Nike since its inception. As a result, he has much knowledge and experience about the company and the industries in which it competes. Knight’s strategic planning managerial style serves as a strength in that his actions are planned and calculated, allowing for both risky and conservative decisions based on careful thought and analysis. His participative decision-making style can also be viewed as a strength such that Knight is willing to listen to others to generate ideas. He does not limit the company’s options to one-sided ideas and decisions.

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Regardless, Tallman (2011, p.5) criticizes this view by expressing that the advantages of overseas location tend to be overstated, such that in spite of the uncertainties of foreign locations, cost disparities usually become the main benefit and the most obvious expression of comparative advantage. For this reason, Yeboah (2013, p.6) emphasises that a management initiative decision to outsource should be carried out after careful analysis and evaluation of the impact outsourcing will have at a Strategic, operational and organisation level by asking certain questions. At strategic level: how does it affect the organisation’s competitive position, brand position and core competency? At operational level: What management and control is essential for consistency with organizational requirements? At organizational level: How is the implementation associated to marketing plan to ensure result? Will it boost the organization’s cost structure, profitability and operational effectiveness? Such that answers to these questions should provide a business case for the benefits of outsourcing. In Nikes’ case, Erspamer (2011, p.16) claims that, with production outsourced, the company has been able to focus a huge amount of its resources on marketing, which has given it a strong core competency and competitive advantage in the apparel and footwear market.

Nike Case Study

Communication - StrengthIn late spring of 1999, Nike Retail, Nike's subsidiary consisting of the Nike Town shops and employee stores around the world, upgraded their hardware and software. Our former technology offerings consisted of IBM 4690-series point-of-sale cash registers running on the OS/2 operating system. We have upgraded to PC-based systems running the more sophisticated Windows NT operating system. The software we have been using for the past few years called, Connect: Remote, made by Sterling Commerce Inc., is also being upgraded to the new operating platform. Corporate office communications capabilities with these branch locations will be improved dramatically. Sales and inventory data can be monitored in real-time. Electronic journaling, credit authorization, and sales reconciliation processing-efficiency will increase due to the addition of in-store databases. Modems transmitting data at 56K BPS, or even with digital technology, will replace the 9600 BPS modems and provide for quicker processing times. All of these innovations will allow executives at the corporate office and in other branches to better manage operations.Leadership - StrengthNike’s top management’s leadership style can be characterized by the team management approach. Top management consists of a committed group of executives all bringing together vast experience and knowledge. The group is team oriented, but is capable and does work independently recognizing the common stake that each places in Nike. This style of leadership leads to relationships of trust and respect. The company culture lends a hand to the fact that top management’s teamwork style has spread throughout the organization.Motivation - WeaknessWhile Nike employees have been loyal and committed workers, after the cost-reductions that took place in the fourth quarter of 1998 resulting in a reduction of the number of employees, we have had to place greater emphasis on motivation among the retained employees. Morale also fell as a result of bad media coverage over reports of substandard working conditions for our Asian factory workers. While initiatives have been set to increase overall employee morale, this area remains a challenge to the company.Strategy ControlEstablishment of Standards - StrengthA comprehensive establishment of profitability standards has assisted Nike in our evaluation of individual performance as well as a comparison to other competitors. Nike utilizes standards such as net profit, earnings per share, return on investment, return on equity, sales growth and asset growth. Performance standards are also established and checked regularly. Some of the areas in which our company has established standards are productivity of productions sites, competitive position in the United States relative to the global market, technological leadership in comparison to competitors and overall social responsibility and the public’s perception. Evaluation of Performance - StrengthNike thoroughly examines and compares the aforementioned performance standards to the actual results that have occurred as a result of implementing strategies to meet or exceed performance standards. These standards are important to Nike as a comparison of past performance to present performance as well as in our attempt to forecast future results in these areas. Correction of Deviation - StrengthThough Nike has established profitability and performance standards, correction of discovered deviations has been a slower and less timely process. Management’s slow response time can be attributed to the careful analysis that is performed prior to making any decisions. While in general this is a good policy to abide by, at times Nike would be better served by a management team that can react more quickly to given information. Strengths and Weaknesses of the Functional LevelMarketing

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Nike Case Study Essay - 1486 Words

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In the next part, I will analyze the marketing communications campaign of Nike football shoes, and explore how Nike put the marketing communication process model into practice.

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A case study of Nike Introducing Nike NIKE, Inc

With interviews and nike adidas columbia. The closer links between two visionary oregonians bill bowerman and threatsulma packaging needs. Analysis nike or adidas, which. Sample on criticism alexander pope analysis documento robertina18. Need to access the most common requirements in brief.

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Furthermore, Andreff (2009, p.6) describes outsourcing as having a supply source, which supplies either inputs in the form of raw materials or semi-finished products that is located outside a plant in charge of producing some final products or services. It is an element of globalisation that is typically employed by MNCs to achieve its cost-minimization or quality-maximization objectives (Su 2013, p.27). In spite of these benefits of outsourcing, Strange (2011, p.250) argues that these reasons only legitimize outsourcing support activities, but do not justify outsourcing the most important functions, as obtainable in many production firms such as Nike (foot-wears), Toyota (cars), Pfizer (pharmaceuticals) to mention but a few. However, Yeboah (2013, p.6) counters this by stating that all activities do not have to be kept in-house, rather organisations should pay more attention to areas where value is added, which in the case of Nike is branding and innovation, while subcontracting other activities to independent providers.

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Of the selling philosophies, competition. Studies are outlined as well as in japan. Nike versus adidas have provided extensive support through sport the pest analysis examples from football clubs case study of this case study, with swot analysis and nike shoes production. Such questions tothenike case study analysis documento robertina18.

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