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What is the difference between Coated and Uncoated Paper?

A term used to point to the continuity editing practice ensuring the logic of the look or In other words, eyeline matching is based on the belief in mainstream cinema that when a character looks into off-screen space the spectator expects to see what he or she is looking at.

Firstly, coated paper relates to a range of treatments with chemicals, or the addition of a material layers to one or both sides of a piece of paper. The results are either Gloss, Silk, Dull or Matt effect. These coats reflect the light in different ways so change the fundamental appearance of the print work. Furthermore, they absorb ink in a more exact manner when compared to printing on uncoated paper. This means that the printed artwork is often sharper and clearer.

This is by no means a comprehensive glossary, but as complete as we could make it for these pages.

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They are used to illustrate what the presenter or guest is talking about.

CODE: Nothing that you see on the internet is what it appears to be. Everything is coded in one way or another to achieve the exact look, layout and functions. There are different types of code and coding languages that are used to develop websites as well as all computer programmes and software.

Lossy A form of data compression where detail is deleted as the file size is decreased. JPEG is an example of a lossy compression method.

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CONNECTION: This is what gets you going on the internet. Just like you cannot make a phone call without a telephone service provider to give you the use of their cables or towers, you cannot connect to the internet without an internet service provider to give you a connection to the internet. You get different types of connection: dial-up, ISDN, ADSL and wireless. Depending on the type of connection you choose, who you get your connection through and many other factors, you could end up with a slow or fast connection and a reliable or unreliable connection. However, not all connections are equal and no connection is necessarily the same from one day to the next or even one hour to the next. This is because of all the factors that can influence it. Some of these are: the equipment that your provider is using, the technical maintenance that they do, the software that they use, how busy the internet is at any given time, your physical location, the weather and even the condition of all of these things somewhere on the other side of the world.

Dot Gain When the ink hits the paper, it is absorbered and it somewhat spreads out.

PPC: Pay Per Click. A common term in internet advertising where you purchase advertising space on someone’s website, but instead of paying a flat monthly rate, you pay a small amount each time someone clicks on your advert – which is a link that takes them to your website. This "small amount" can however go quite high, depending on the deemed value of the link. This is a very simplified explanation, but the principle is that you ostensibly "pay for what you get", which is not entirely accurate. False clicks can in fact make this much more expensive than a fixed advertising cost.

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WYSIWYG What You See Is What You Get. This is an approximate screen representation of what the final printed image will look like.

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HTML: Hyper Text Markup Language. This is the base language that s used for creating websites. Common uses of the term are, "html coding" and "html website". A website created in pure html is also referred to as a static website. In other words, it does not interact with the visitor other than in the most basic ways. It stores no data and can not return data other than what is consistently on the page itself. Emails that use different fonts, colours, borders, backgrounds and graphics are also generally coded in html, with the alternative being plain text.

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UV Coating A glossy coating applied to the paper surface and dried using ultraviolet light. It is glossy and adds a certain level of protection to the printed material.

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FREEWARE: Software that is made available at no cost whatsoever. Often includes advertising for the provider and is sometimes used to entice a user to purchase the unbranded version with no advertising. Freeware from an unknown or questionable source should be avoided as these programmes can contain viruses or adware (see "adware" above)

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lamination: the coating of film applied to to give high gloss as well as addeddurability. A matt version is also available and is fashionable from time totime.

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SITEMAP: This is an index to all the content on a website. It is normally accessible from at least the front page of the site and is used for two purposes: to help people find what they are looking for on the site and to help search engines find all your links.

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COOKIE: A small piece of information that certain websites store on your computer when you visit them. Cookies are normally harmless and the reasons for using them vary. Sometimes it is to make sure that their website loads quickly when you next visit, by drawing the saved information from your own computer rather than from the website itself. Another use is to track visitors to see how often they come, what they do when they come and other information to help with marketing. Cookies are also used to track visits from other websites, especially when the site you are visiting is paying the other site for advertising space or needs to pay a referral fee to the originating website. A cookie can also be used to check when you last visited and, if any changes since then, to force your browser to refresh so that you see the latest information. The downside of cookies is that after you have visited a lot of sites with a lot of graphics, your computer will begin to get bogged down with all of this in its memory. It’s therefore a good idea to regularly clear the cookies from your computer.

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CONVERSION: A marketing term that refers to how many website visitors convert to buyers. If 1 out of every hundred visitors to a site end up buying something, there is a 1:100 (or 1%) conversion rate. Ultimately this is what website marketing is all about because it is pointless getting thousands of visitors if none are buying your product, your services, your ideas or whatever it is you are selling (every website is selling something, even if the only payment is an ego-boost to the site owner).

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