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Terminology Series: Graphic Design Glossary

The new superstore and petrol station that will be run by Morrisons and three new restaurants have been granted full planning permission, while outline permission has been granted for the new homes.During almost two hours of debate, members of the committee raised concerns about traffic problems the new retail sites would cause but were particularly concerned about the new homes project, citing problems with air quality in the area, more traffic issues and concerns about overstretching local facilities, including GP surgeries and schools.Concern was also raised about the site of the homes, which is largely on the site of a former chalk excavation which has been filled in, with possible problems with contamination.Details of the scheme were put before members by one of the Council’s principal planners, Matthew Gallagher, who said the developers had recognised a lot of potential problems but had worked with the authority towards providing solutions.He said: “On balance I think in terms of design and layout this development can be supported.

FOLD: The fold is a term carried over from newspaper design and pagination (where the fold referred to the physical fold in the paper). The fold in a website is the point on the web page that rests at the bottom of someone”s browser (in other words, to see anything below the fold, they would have to scroll down). There are varying opinions on how important the fold is in web design but more websites including Yahoo and msn are increasing their page length to get more information displayed on each page.

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Terminology Series: Graphic Design Glossary : ..

53 Graphic Design Terms and Definitions for Non-Designers

META TAG: Included in the head section of an html web page and is visible to search engines but not human visitors. Meta tags provide information about a web page, like the topic (title), keywords, description and also instructions to search engine robots and visitor browsers.

The storyboard provides a good representation of the concept for a commercial before extensive production charges are incurred.Submission Date: Date by which advertisement must be provided to the medium in order to appear on or in a specific date, time, or place.Subway Card: Advertising poster attached to the interior of a subway car or train.Syndication Feed: A form of syndication in which content on a website is made available for other sites to use.Target Audience: A specific audience or demographic group for which an advertising message is designed.Time Slot: A specific time bought for airing a commercial on radio or television.Total Audience Plan (TAP): A radio advertising package rate that guarantees a percentage of spots in the better parts of the day.URL (Uniform Resource Locator): The URL is the internet "address" of a website or webpage.

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A marketing plan should be researched and developed to include an outline of what goals the campaign is to achieve, how to accomplish those goals, and how to measure the success of the campaign in achieving those goals.Media Kit: Information offered to potential advertisers by publishers to help the advertisers understand the publishers rates, visitor demographics, terms, etc.Media Outlet: A publication or broadcast organization that transmits information, news, entertainment, and advertising messages.

Graphic Design Terms: Basic Vocabulary You Should Know for Graphic Design

Graphic Design Visual communication using text or images to represent an idea or concept. It is also a term used for all activities relating to visual design, including web design, logo design, etc.

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Printing Terms and Graphic Design Terms Glossary

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BROWSER: When you visit a website, you are seeing it on a browser. Websites look very different in reality to what you see when you visit it. Everything is in fact encoded. A browser is the piece of software that decodes everything so that what you see is an attractive page rather than a lot of coding. Most people use the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser, which comes with all Windows software. If you look at the top right of your screen right now, just under the "X" you will see a little picture. This picture tells you what browser you are using. If the picture is a wavy square with smaller squares in red, green, blue and yellow, you are using IE (Internet Explorer). If it is something different, then you probably know all this already.

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BELOW THE FOLD: This term is a carry-over from newspaper publishing days. In newspaper terms, “below the fold” means content was on the bottom half of the page (below the physical fold in the paper). In web design terms, “below the fold” refers to the content that is generally going to be below the point first viewable to the average website visitor in their browser (in other words, viewers would have to scroll down to see the content).

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CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: Also known as a CMS, the content management system is a back-end tool for managing a site’s content that separates the content from the design and functionality of the website. Using a cms can make it easier to change the design of a site independent of the site’s content or pages.
A can also make it easier for pages and images to be added to the website for people who aren’t programmers, saving on the cost of hiring a programmer because you can add/edit/delete content yourself.

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DIRECTORY or SEARCH ENGINE DIRECTORY: Much like the Yellow Pages, a directory is a place where information about hundreds, thousands and millions of websites is stored to allow people to easily and quickly find information and/or resources. Yahoo is an example of a search engine directory, for example is a directory website for people wanting to find local licensed tradesmen.

The Newspaper Designer's Handbook | Glossary

ASCII: American Standard Code for Information Interchange. A code that represents English characters as numbers, ranging from 0 to 127. Commonly used by computers and browsers, ASCII codes make it possible to transfer data from one computer to another computer (like a server). In terms of transferring data from a computer to a server (called "uploading"), you would need to use either ASCII or Binary, depending on the type of file being transferred.

Air : White space used in a story design

For example, an advertisement that is three standard columns wide and five inches tall (or deep) would be 15 column inches.Designated Market Areas (DMA): The geographical areas in which TV stations attract most of their viewers.Display Advertisement: In print media, any advertisement other than a classified ad.Double Truck: A two-page spread in a print publication, where the advertisement runs across the middle gutter.Drive Time: The hours when the most commuters are in their cars.

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