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Electronic Health Record Adoption in Long Term Care …

From well before there were multi-national mega-corporations churning out the genetically modified nonsense that passes for food these days, these posters — mostly from the Office of War Information and War Food Administration (real things) — encouraged Americans to take ownership of their food supply by planting victory gardens and putting food up for long-term storage. Novel ideas, I’d say.

adead food. If you have little storage space and few dollars you may wantto learn more about sprouting.

Practice now, making and using sprouts. Youcan do it simply: for alfalfa sprouts (the most common) just use atablespoon of seeds, soak them in some water in a jar over night. The nextday pour off the water. The health food stores have a 3- piece lid kit toscrew onto any wide-mouth canning jar. After you pour off the water invertthe jar on an angle upside down (I use a little dish to set it in). Rinsethose same sprouts twice a day, morning and night. They don't need the sunto sprout.

After 2 or 3 days they will have all sprouted and you can set the jar in a sunnywindow if you wish to "green" them up for use in salads or eat out ofhand. We always drink the rinse water because it's packed with vitaminsand minerals. Or use this water to water your plants. Or for yourpet's water.

Walton's has a sprout variety pack that's already vacuum packed and has lots ofdifferent kinds of sprout seeds. We bought ours back in 1997 and they arestill sprouting great.

Some of the bigger seeds will make really big, long sprouts. They tastethe best when eaten young, though. Older sprouts tend to taste somewhatbitter. A sprout can actually be eaten anytime the tiny little rootappears. We usually wait a few days, though.

It will be fun to learn about sprouts and a great comfort again, if folks wantvery much to prepare but don't have a lot of money.61.

Electronic Health Record Adoption in Long Term Care ..

Long-term storage and access needs ..

for the long-term storage and ..

S C A N P R O S image archiving service provides a cost-effective, secure, long-term archiving solution to companies that need to store, access, and manage scanned images - without the upfront capital costs, lengthy implementation cycles, or ongoing maintenance.

During the course of the meeting, the issues paper provided the frame of reference for the participants to explore a wide range of issues that affect long-term access to electronic records. Among the issues discussed were diplomatics and archival science, definitions of copying, reformatting, and migrating electronic records, current electronic information practices and projected trends, the role of standards, database architecture, database architecture, the selection of electronic storage media, and guidelines and recommendations that would be generalizable to a variety of storage repositories in both the public and private sectors that provide long-term access to electronic records. Participants agreed that a publication that pulled this discussion together would be very helpful at the national and international levels.

How to Pack Your Belongings for Long-Term Storage

Over the next y ear or so I drafted a report that attempted to reflect the views and general conclusions participants had reached. During this same period of time, several participants revised the draft studies that they had prepared for the meeting and subsequent discussion and presented them as conference papers. I continued to refine my own views on long-term access to electronic records and in so doing changed my views on several critical points. In this regard the book by Michael Brodie and Michael Stonebreak entitled Migrating Legacy Systems: Gateways, Interfaces, & the Incremental Approach (1995) greatly influenced my views on migration. I am indebted to Barbara von Halle for bringing the Brodie and Stonebreaker book to my attention.

Considerations for long-term key storage (paper backup, media for vault storage)

ad infinitum, ad nauseum, ad absurditum.

First aid: expect medical services to be limited in very bad times. learn the basics of first aid, long term wound care, and as much general medicine as possible now.

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Long term storage of paper records Ap gov essay 2007

Digital Document Storage vs Long-Term Box Storage

The study concludes with six appendices, the first of which is an information technology primer for archivists and records managers interested in detailed explanations of certain digital technology issues or who may find it useful as a reference source to terms used in the body of the study. The primer examines technical problems of electronic records in five contexts: (1) data representation of records, (2) the structure of records, (3) the storage of records, (4) and the portability of records. This primer also reviews a number of technology issues associated with each of the problems listed above, especially the identification of international, national, and industry standards to minimize certain impediments to long-term access to electronic records. The primer may be used as a stand-alone document or it may be used as a reference source. Explanations of terms and concepts in the text that are in bolded italics can be found in this primer.

Long Term & Short Term Storage Jacksonville, FL Lighthouse M

The fifth consideration is an emphasis on technical issues and problems associated with ensuring long-term access to authentic electronic records, especially non-proprietary information technology standards, and practical guidelines for media selection and storage. Non-proprietary information technology standards are especially important because they help support open systems, applications connectivity, and document portability, which in the long run may significantly enhance the prospects of long-term access to electronic records. Only those international or non-proprietary technology standards having a substantial market place implementation merit consideration for inclusion in the standards recommended for incorporation into a long-term access strategy for electronic records. Vendors have a vested interest in retaining their customer base and therefore are likely to develop software products that are compatible with existing ones. This requirement precludes, for example, general consideration of Abstract System Notation 1 (ASN.1), in a long-term access strategy for electronic records.

Document Storage, Shredding, Scanning Service that …

At the time of Rothenberg’s article, several major projects were underway to identify critical issues associated with electronic records in general, or to address the question of how to mitigate the effects of technological obsolescence and "ensure technological compatibility, flexibility, and migratability"? These projects, which are reviewed in some detail in chapter 1 in order to establish the conceptual foundations for this study, contribute significantly to our understanding of key challenges that electronic records pose for storage repositories with the responsibility for providing long-term access to them. None of these projects or studies, however, seems to address all of the relevant issues and challenges involving digital technology obsolescence and long-term access to electronic records. Therefore, a more comprehensive study is in order.

Document management & secure media storage you …

This observation leads to the challenge of ensuring on-going access to digital material as digital technology changes. Recently, computer scientist Jeff Rothenberg addressed this question of "Ensuring the Longevity of Digital Objects," in the January 1995 issue of Scientific American. Rothenberg argued that the limited life expectancy of storage media for digital information along with the inevitable obsolescence of hardware and software means that the current generation of digital documents is in jeopardy of being lost to future generations because these documents will become unreadable. The most effective strategy, he asserted, is to transfer the bit stream of digital documents to new media as necessary and to encapsulate these bit streams with specifications about the software used to create and use the digital records. The ubiquity of software today, he suggests, makes it likely that the software itself and its specifications will be widely available in the future. Hardware emulators ("programs that mimic the behavior of computers"), could be developed that would run the obsolete software and encapsulated bit streams of the digital documents and then display them as they were originally viewed by their creators and users. Absent a systematic and significant effort to develop tools and techniques that substantially mitigate the consequences of limited media life expectancy and hardware and software obsolescence, "… we risk substantial practical loss, as well as the condemnation of our progeny for thoughtlessly consigning to oblivion a unique historical legacy."

Green Country Shredding | Tulsa Oklahoma Onsite …

Appendices 2 through 6 contain information that elaborates upon key points made in the body of the study. Appendix 2 consists of an excerpt from a study conducted by the Nordic Council that summarizes the criteria and evaluation of selected digital storage media along with recommendations for storage media for electronic records. Appendix 3 is an Executive Summary and cost data in Canadian dollars for various electronic records storage media taken from a study prepared by the National Archives of Canada. Cost data for the preservation of electronic records derived from the experience of the National Archives of the United States comprise Appendix 4. Appendix 5 consists of a series of media disposition life expectancy charts based upon studies conducted by the National Media Laboratory. Appendix 6 incorporates excerpts from the system manual for the Archival Preservation System, a software package in use at the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration.

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