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Is Buying A Term Paper Unethical

The problem isnt allowing convicts to work by choice for free (theyre prisoners not law abiding employees), the problem is allowing corporations to use said labor and profit greatly, and forcing labor, like in Texas. Actually, texas is the source of many problems and unjust laws in this country. Coincidence that our worst president ever is from texas? The bigger problem is, you have for profit corporate owned and run prisons(many of which have the worst abuses of prisoners and are held the least accountable) in which its own best interest is to build more prisons, incarcerate more people, make more victimless crimes more punishable along with longer sentences by lobbying for more unjust laws, and then use this sizable growing poulation of inmates as a source of almost free labor. That is where the inherent danger and slavery comes into existence. We have already seen throughout the last 2 decades how greedy and unethical and immoral corporations can be and the dangers of greed in capitalism. Many of these corporations and ceos care about nothing other than money and profit, and are willing to do anything they can, and I mean anything they can get away with, no matter how damaging to others and to society, no matter how unethical or immoral. Profit is god and is above the law and more valuable than human life or rights, in their minds. And we are allowing people and corporations whose only concern is profit at any cost, to run a catch 22 racket of owning the prisons, then locking more people up every quarter to ensure a slave labor force. Do people not see what is happening here and what the long term goal and end result is? In 20 to 30 years, the 1% will be absolute rulers without impunity who answer to no one, and the other 99% must either fall in line to serve them or wind up a slave. At least ancient rome did not enslave romans, their own citizens. It may sound far fetched or like a conspiracy tin foil hat theory, but in the 1970s, if someone had said the 1% will come together with a insidious plan to slowly take control of the nation over the next 50 years, it probably would have sounded even more far fetched and paranoid than the above scenario. The facts are, we have seen what the 1% are capable of and willing to do, that they can and do make long term plans to increase their wealth and power and decrease the peoples, thus creating not only a huge unequal distribution of wealth and resources, but also a hugely unequal distribution of governing and rights. Meaning, not only have they stolen all the wealth, at the same time they have used the increased wealth to buy our elected officials and literally the government, which gives them not only the money but the power and the law as well, which once acheived, only serves to ensure that they cannot and will not be opposed. If they can buy the government then they can write their own laws, which only guarantees that their addiction to money and power will only continue to grow and legally there will be no recourse to stop them, and legally anyone who shows any sign of oppossing them or even any dissatisfaction voiced will be a crime punishable by law/incarceration thus ensuring plenty of willing “citizens”, as the alternative will be slavery or death. Trump has even said if elected, he will somehow make it illegal for the press or anyone to speak unfavorably of him. Of course it sounds like almost as much of a pipe dream as the wall, but stranger things have happened. After all, in 1930, most people in germany and the world did not believe that what was to come in the next 10 years could ever happen or would happen. And thats exactly why it did, because not enough people took the threat and danger seriously. The worst thing you can do is to dismiss the very real and dangerous threat/person/movement as not being dangerous or imminent. We all saw and now acknowledge the culpability and
intentional goal of the
1%, over 40 years ago, to horde all the wealth and resources they could, and to infiltrate and buy the government, so why should it be so far fetched and hard to believe that part of their plan was to also build, run, and own prisons, lobby for laws to create a prison population to be used as literally free labor, and have full control and final say over it all. But sadly, as usual, enough people will not acknowledge or even care enough to speak out, until it happens to them or their family, which by then is too late. The 1% have bet on the average americans own selfishness and greed and lack of empathy for their fellow citizens or anyone not exactly like them. That is how they have won so far and been so successful. Divide and conquer. Polarize the nation, divide americans/the nation, who would otherwise stand united, and keep them occupied squabling politically, morally, etc. Over the bullshit of the day like which restroom people can use, just long enough to cement the new world order (for lack of less cliche term) in place to where it cannot be reversed or undone. So while we are fighting over trivial bullshit that doesnt even matter in the grand scheme of things, they have been busy sneaking in and passing outrageous laws and statues taking away and eroding the rights we still have left, and to many people arent even aware because they are hellbent on making sure transgender people pee where they are told to pee or trying to shut down planned parenthood or some other nonsense, all the while believing in the illusion of a democracy/republic that is slowly disappearing, being eroded and chipped away at slowly, piece by piece, so that not enough people notice until it is too late and the only recourse would be a violent revolution, which we may very well lose, thanks to our limitless military budget and war machine. Do these morons actually think that their assault rifles will even put a scratch on the most powerful military the world has ever seen? And thanks to our lack of education as americans for the past generation, we are dumb to let this all happen, and we think we will revolt and take out nukes, stealth bombers, and predator drones, with a ar15 assault rife and our righteousness. This is reality, not an avengers movie or some other bullshit. WAKE UP AMURICA! So did I win for longest rant in a comment section? Lol.

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Is Buying Term Papers Unethical

Buying Term Papers Unethical - …

Buying Term Papers Unethical doctoral thesis in economics essays customer service buy a term paper

wow…you are a complete idiot…they have clothes on their back and three meals a day…tv, rec rooms, etc…plus medical and dental care…then there is the cost of the facility to house them, insureance, staff, etc…running a correction facility is not cheap…they made stupid choices and you thnk they should just get a free ride and the working people should support them? Slavery? lol…it is people like you that think people should be rewarded for their bad behaviour that is destroying this country…please note that my son is in jail…he has a job…he earns his money to call home and buy personal items he wants…and…he is thankful for that job and is not whining about his hourly wage…your article is ridiculous to say the least…but thank you for a list of companies that I will make sure I support from here on out

Selling your essays, term papers, and research papers online is a slightly unethical, but occasionally lucrative, way to turn a few bucks. This page tells you

Is Buying Term Papers Ethical - …

Selling your essays, term papers, and research papers online is a slightly unethical, but occasionally lucrative, way to turn a Selling Essays few bucks. This page tells you

dividend policy research papers Is Buying Term Papers Ethical doctoral ..

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