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of Court Transcriptionswith SecureGuardCourt Reporter Paper.

3-6 Using Hole Punch Add Watermark [PDF]Xerox WorkCentre 7775 Multifunction Printer - Atlanta, GAWorkCentre 7775 shown with Advanced Auto Reduction & Enlargement to fit selected paper size Hole Punching Custom Macintosh Driver (Watermark, Booklet CreationHow to create your own custom loose-leaf dot grid paper Tips/Tricks How to create your own custom loose-leaf dot grid paper without any watermarks but nearly all of them print a watermark in the output.Swan Luxury Watermark Design Faucet | The Panday GroupSwan Luxury Watermark Design Faucet Swan Luxury Watermark Design Faucet Description.

Custom Logo or Watermark Printed Letter PadsCustom Legal pads and letter pad manufacturer Legal pads manufacturer of custom legal pads and We also offer 3-hole punched or drilled paper as well as 2-hole Watermark Logo Legal Pads with Ghost Watermarked Paper Custom Die - R-ATV Warehouse and …Custom Watermark Paper, Custom Watermarked Stationery PaperBuy custom watermarked paper & stationery in packs scoring or hole punching to just about any paper …[PDF]KX Printer Driver User Guide - Business Printers, Color Custom Paper Sizes .

A True FourdrinierWatermark is part of the paper, created during the milling process.

Your forDocument Security Paper Products

is a  Company specializing in  Tamper Resistant, Anti Copy Fraud Resistant Security Paper Products.

In this paper, we propose a new digital watermarking algorithm in encrypted image based on compressive sensing measurements and 2-D discrete wavelet transform (DWT). Firstly, we process the original image through 2-D DWT to highlight the important part and unimportant part. For the important LL2 coefficient, before encrypting it by the traditional stream cipher, we divide it into blocks, and mark the blocks to get a sequence as the watermark position key. For other wavelet coefficients, we select two different compressive sensing measurement matrices to simultaneously encrypt and compress them, respectively. Then we embed a watermark into the high frequency coefficient measurements except HH1 section based on the watermark position key. Finally, the watermarked image is scrambled to enhance the security. In this algorithm, compressive sensing is adopted for compression and encryption, and watermark is embedded in the measurements values. It can not only increase the watermark embedding capacity and robustness, but also utilize the reconstruction characteristic of compressive sensing to get higher-quality recovered image. The experimental results verify the validity and the reliability of the proposed algorithm.

The “sewing” effect created by the security thread which ‘comes in and out’ of the surface of the paper is obtained thanks to this special process, which transforms the surface of the paper into a delicate transparent veil which covers and highlights the security thread at regular intervals.

SecureGuard High Security Document Security Paper …

Temporary IDs ...and much more
SecureGuard REACT™ is the perfect product for this job
CALL for more information --- 800/333-0549 SG5806 SecureGuard REACT™ 80# Gloss Cover (Ticket) Stock

Size: 12" x 18" - 500 sheets per cartonSecureGuard REACT™ Coupon Paper with the CIC Hologram presents a great opportunity for commercial printers to provide both short run and variable coupons which could not be produced cost effectively until now.

SafeImage™ security paper

This watermark is produced by ‘flat’ technology machines during the making of paper, the contrasts in the hues are created by the different thicknesses of the fibres in the pulp mixture. As compared to a mould-made watermark, the hue contrasts are less rich and evident, however it still remains one of the most widespread and effective means against counterfeiting of value security paper.

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We included a true in-paper watermark (chain link image) ..

However when you need to be able to identify an original document from a photocopied or a scanned document - that's when you need SECURE WATERMARKTMDOCUMENT SECURITY PAPERTo Order: SP5761-100SECURE WATERMARKTM100 sheets per package$ 30.00 per package Click to ADD to your Shopping Cart SP5761-500sheetsSECURE WATERMARKTM 500 sheets per package $95.00 per package Click to ADD to your Shopping Cart SP5761-1000sheetsSECURE WATERMARKTM 1000 sheets per package $175.00 per package Click to ADD to your Shopping Cart SP5761-2000sheetsSECURE WATERMARKTM 2500 sheets per package $350.00 per package Click to ADD to your Shopping Cart

Security Thread Watermark Paper Label Sticker High Security

Vizille paper mills develops and produces application-specific papers incorporating chemical security, watermarks, fluorescent fibres, holograms, etc.

High Security Optical Watermark based on Digital …

Our range of SECU-TEC security papers draws on our extensive experience to match the never-ending needs for authentication, verification and anti-forgery demanded for many documents.

- Security Paper with Watermark

But, because of oursecurity paper volume, we are able to offer a uniquely watermarked product, onlyavailable for our manufacturer, for the same price as an artificial watermark.

- Security Paper with Security Line ..

Add custom paper cutting, perforating, scoring or hole Watermark Designs: Made in Brooklyn Luxury Kitchen and MADE IN BROOKLYN.

- Security Paper with Security Pigment

A non generic true watermark paper with unique security images embedded into the paper, which can only be viewed by translucent "pass through" light. SafeImage™ security paper also incorporates chemical inclusion protection, toner fuse adhesion, blue and red visible fibers, invisible fluorescent fibers, and most important; this very high-end security paper is available only to security printers with certified and secure facilities.

Custom Watermark Security Paper

We manufacture a wide choice of purpose-designed security papers – fluorescent fibres and watermarked papers guarantee authenticity, chemical reactions reveal attempts to forge documents, holographic strips prevent identical copying of an original document.

Security Watermark Paper manufacturers & suppliers - …

Visible watermarking is a widely-used technique for marking and protecting copyrights of many millions of images on the web, yet it suffers from an inherent security flaw--watermarks are typically added in a consistent manner to many images. We show that this consistency allows to automatically estimate the watermark and recover the original images with high accuracy. Specifically, we present a generalized multi-image matting algorithm that takes a watermarked image collection as input and automatically estimates the "foreground" (watermark), its alpha matte, and the "background" (original) images. Since such an attack relies on the consistency of watermarks across image collection, we explore and evaluate how it is affected by various types of inconsistencies in the watermark embedding that could potentially be used to make watermarking more secured. We demonstrate the algorithm on stock imagery available on the web, and provide extensive quantitative analysis on synthetic watermarked data. A key takeaway message of this paper is that visible watermarks should be designed to not only be robust against removal from a single image, but to be more resistant to mass-scale removal from image collections as well.

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