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"I confess I never could discover in what their usefulness consisted. They were capable of feeling a strong attachment to their master, and had a show of reason and intelligence, but it amounted to very little in its effects. It was very singular, but I used frequently to observe, that men were oftentimes more gentle and kind to their dogs than to their wives and children; and much better citizens would these children have made, if their fathers had bestowed half the pains in , and in training them, that they did on their dogs. It was a very rare circumstance if a theft was prevented by the presence of a dog; when such a thing occur, every paper spoke of it, and the anecdote was never forgotten. But had they been ever so useful, so necessary to man's comfort, nothing could compensate or overbalance the evil to which he was liable from this disease. Were the dogs all destroyed at once?"

"The settled opinion now is, that they are one and the same disease. Thus – the original disease, transferable from an ulcer of the cow's udder to the broken skin of a human being, produced what is called the kine or cow-pox. This virus of the kine-pox, in its original state, was only capable of being communicated by contact, and only when the skin was broken or cut; but, when with the other poison, infected the system by means of breathing in the same atmosphere. The poison from the ulcer called cow-pox was never communicated to or by the lungs, neither was the poison which had so strong an affinity for it communicated in that way; but when the two poisons united, and met in the same system, a third poison was generated, and the But here we are discussing a deep subject in this busy place – what gave rise to it? – oh, steamboats, the new power now used, Lady Mary Wortley, and Dr. Jenner."

The Undefeated 44 most influential black Americans in history

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"Just as if they did not know," said Edgar, "that any set of men, in any legislature, would give them full powers to expend the whole income in the cause of their own peculiar religion. Why I cannot tell how many years were suffered to elapse before they raised what was called a Bishop's Fund, and you know better than I do, how it was raised, or rather, how it commenced. And the old Recorder of Self-Inflicted Miseries, states, that the fund for the support of decayed clergymen and their families, was raised by the poor clergymen themselves. Never were people so hardly used as these ministers of the Gospel. You were an irreverend, exacting race in your day; you expected more from a preacher than from any other person to whom they gave salaries – were screwed down to the last thread of the screw; people would have their pennyworth out of them. It is no wonder that you had such poor preachers in your day; why few men of liberal education, aware of all the exactions and disabilities under which the sacred cloth laboured, would ever encounter them. But, now, every village has its own pastor; and some of them are highly gifted men, commanding the attention of the most intelligent people. The little churches are filled, throughout the summer, with such of the gentry of the cities who can afford to spend a few months in the country during the warm weather. No one, however, has the indecency or the unfeelingness to covet this preacher for their own church in the city. They do not attempt to bribe him away, but leave him there, satisfied that the poor people who take such delight in administering to his wants and his comforts, should have the benefit of his piety, his learning and his example. Why, the clergymen, now, are our best horticulturists too. It is to them that we owe the great advancement in this useful art. They even taught, themselves, while at college, and now they encourage their parishioners to cultivate gardens and orchards. Every village, as well as town and city, has a large garden attached to it, in which the children of the poor are taught to work, so that to till the earth and to 'make two blades of grass grow where only one grew before,' is now the chief aim of every individual; and we owe this, principally, to our pastors. I can tell you that it is something now to be a country clergyman."

'm going to miss doing a Thinking Out Loud for two weeks in a row, beginningright now. I'm leaving the real world, politics and BS behind while I head upto Oshkosh for my yearly innoculation against reality.

Although I'm leaving all this mess behind, I can't do so without a couple of passing comments about the last week. There were a couple of cop shootings, some terrorism in Europe and Donald Trump, as the old novelists used to say, "...strode upon the land." Yes, he made his mark, but not nearly as big a mark as his kids did. What a family!!!

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"Why, yes," said Hastings, "the true intent of accumulating wealth in churches, is to advance religion; for what other purposes are the funds created? I used to smile when I saw the amazing liberality of the trustees of this immense fund; they would, in the most freezing and pompous manner, dole out a thousand dollars to this church, and a thousand to that, making them all understand that nothing more could be done, as they were fearful, even in doing this, that they had gone beyond their charter."

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Some cat breeders believed there were flaws in the conventional melanocyte migration theory. For example a breeder working with American Shorthairs has been crossing Van pattern American Shorthairs to bicolour and spotted Van pattern cats since the mid 1990s. She found that the melanocyte migration theory could not account for some of the spotted patterns these breedings produced. Alternative theories from other white spotting genes and mechanisms in other species (dogs, horse, pigs and goats) also could not account for what was appearing in her cats, particularly with 60%, 70%, 80% and 90% white on a cat. The terminology used differs from the Grades 1 - 9 of the cat fancy; 90% white with a lot of random spots is referred to as Level 15. Selective breeding has isolated most of the white on the cats to a single layer of white. She can now produce solid coloured cats from the mating of two bi-colours/pied/vanish cats. In addition, all of her best breeding cats have black feet. Breeding experiments involved mating a level 15 stud to a solid black, two Level 7 piebalds, and a Level 9 cat. A cat with a large degree of white is most probably homozygous for the white spotting gene and mating it to other white-marked cats which also carry at least one white spotting gene should not, in theory, produce solid-coloured cats. An alternative hypothesis is that the cats have the dominant white gene (the one related to deafness) and that a second gene is causing this to break down so that spotting appears. It is possible to produce coloured cats from mating two all-white cats since each parent needs only one copy of the dominant white gene to make them all white and can carry masked genes for other colours.

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There were many theories at that time as to what caused reading difficulties, and which tests best predicted reading failure. The researchers tested these children 3 times a year for 14 years using a variety of tests that would either support or disprove the competing theories. But the researchers did NOT provide any type of training or intervention. They simply watched and tested.

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In January 2016, it was announced that piebald patches form when cells fail to develop in the womb. The gene for white spotting affects the embryo cells (melanoblasts) which will become pigment-producing skin cells (melanocytes) which make the pigment for hair. Pigment cells move and multiply as an embryo grows and there aren't enough cells to cover all the skin, so the animal gets a white belly. The findings were published in the journal Nature Communications. The pigment cells 'fail to follow instructions' during early development. They move and multiply randomly as an embryo grows, without complex cell-to-cell communication sending them in one direction as once thought. The University of Edinburgh's Dr Richard Mort said that the cells move and multiply at random which is not what was expected. The University of Bath's Dr Christian Yates said: that piebald patterns could be caused by a faulty version of a gene called kit. What the researchers found was counter-intuitive. Previously it was widely thought that the defective kit gene slowed cells down, but instead they found that it reduced the rate at which the pigment cells multiply. This did not surprise cat fanciers who had noticed that pigmented patches could fit together like a jigsaw and likened the process to “plate tectonics” where pigmented patches drift across the embryo’s skin leaving unpigmented areas inbetween the patches. Researchers at the Universities of Bath and Edinburgh said that in addition to kit, there are many other genes that can create piebald patterns, but their the mathematical model can explain piebald patterns regardless of the genes involved.

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When I received my box full of Gossamer Blue goodies, I didn’t know where to start because it was just full of awesomeness.When I saw by Pink Paislee in the main kit, I immediately had an idea what to make with it.I almost exclusively use white cardstock as a background for my layouts (can’t seem to make them work with patterned paper as background, no matter how much I like it on other people’s pages), so I decided to cut out the different arrow-shaped strips of paper and use some of them on my white cardstock.

Superconductivity: Lifting the Gossamer Veil - …

"Here it is that elocution is taught, and here all public speakers take lessons," said Edgar; "you may readily imagine what an effect such an institution would have on those who intended to become actors. In your day, out of the whole theatrical corps of one city, not more than six or seven, perhaps, could tell the meaning of the they used in speaking, to say nothing of the of the author. There is no more prejudice now against play-acting than there is against farming. The old Recorder states, that, before our revolution, the farmers were of a more inferior race, and went as little into polite society as the mechanics did. Even so far back as your time a farmer was something of a gentleman, and why an actor should not be a gentleman is to us incomprehensible. One of the principal causes of this change of personal feeling towards actors has arisen from our having expunged all the low and indelicate passages from the early plays. Shakspeare wrote as the times then were, but his works did not depend on a few coarse and vulgar passages for their popularity and immortality; they could bear to be taken out, as you will perceive, for the space they occupied is not now known; the adjoining sentence closed over them, as it were, and they are forgotten. There were but few erasures to be made in the writings of Sir Walter Scott; the times were beginning to loathe coarse and indelicate allusions in your day, and, indeed, we may thank the other sex for this great improvement. They never disgraced their pages with sentences and expressions which would excite a blush. Look at the purity of such writers as Miss Burney, Mrs. Radcliffe, Miss Edgeworth, Miss Austin, Madame Cotton, and others of their day in Europe, – it is to woman's influence that we owe so much. See what is done by them now; why they have fairly routed and scouted out that vile, disgraceful, barbarous practice which was even prevalent in your time – that of beating and bruising the tender flesh of their children."

Superconductivity: Lifting the Gossamer Veil

I am very pleased to be invited a guest designer in this month.// //Q: What is your favorite storage method for scrapbooking items?A: I think that anything that I can see will be most probably used quicker, so currently I prefer all sorts of plastic containers.Q: How did you get started scrapbooking?A: I wanted to decorate some more beautiful album of my baby.

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