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A Right to Marry Same sex Marriage and Constitutional Law

The strongest supporters of same-sex marriage continue to be members of non-Christian religious traditions and religiously unaffiliated Americans. At least three-quarters of Buddhists (85%), the religiously unaffiliated (78%), and Jewish Americans (76%) favor allowing gay and lesbian to marry. Solid majorities of Hindus (66%), Orthodox Christians (61%), white mainline Protestants (59%), white Catholics (59%), and Hispanic Catholics (56%) also express support for same-sex marriage. In contrast, majorities of black Protestants (54%), Hispanic Protestants (59%), Mormons (66%), white evangelical Protestants (67%), and Jehovah’s Witnesses (72%) oppose allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry. Muslims are divided in their opinions over same-sex marriage (41% favor, 45% oppose).

Even among the most ardent opponents of same-sex marriage, stark generational divisions persist. Young white evangelical Protestants, for example, are divided over same-sex marriage, with roughly equal numbers expressing support (47%) and opposition (49%). In contrast, roughly three-quarters (74%) of white evangelical Protestant seniors oppose same-sex marriage. There are only modest generational differences among Mormons. Nearly six in ten (58%) younger Mormons oppose same-sex marriage, as do seven in ten (70%) Mormon seniors.

 - In Favor of Gay Marriage Research Papers delve into the cohabitation argument.

And what of the other equal marriages ?

- Gay Marriage Research Papers discuss moral and ethical standings on the topic.

After the , Pacquiao staunchly denied citing Leviticus — denying even reading the book. But he didn't back down on his opposition to same-sex marriage.

My Thesis statement is due tomorrow so i was wondering if anybody had a good one for me?Topic: Gay Marriage Thesis: Gay marriage has a major impact on today’s society, in regards to its legality, how future generations will be affected, andJan 27, 2010�� Im doing a research paper, and my stance is pro gay marriage.

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This strongly suggests that the parents’ same-sex relationships were often short-lived, a finding consistent with the broader research on elevated levels of instability among same-sex romantic partners. For example, a recent 2012 study of same-sex couples in Great Britain finds that gay and lesbian cohabiting couples are more likely to separate than heterosexual couples. A 2006 study of same sex marriages in Norway and Sweden found that “divorce risk levels are considerably higher in same-sex marriages” such that Swedish lesbian couples are more than three times as likely to divorce as heterosexual couples, and Swedish gay couples are 1.35 times more likely to divorce (net of controls). Timothy Biblarz and Judith Stacey, two of the most outspoken advocates for same-sex marriage in the U.S. academy, acknowledge that there is more instability among lesbian parents.

Well if that’s the case neither does the other equal marriages that await in line i.e. Polygamy.

Gay marriage should be no different. . I will touch upon the fact that 19 states beginning with New York, San Francisco, and Massachusetts, including California have already passed state laws legally recognizing these unions. The recent debate also seems to coincide with the campaign for upcoming elections. While abortion and stem cell research do indeed have their own moral and ethical complications, there is one issue that has recently come to light that seems to have few ethical implications for the public at large. . In this way individuals that marry have specific rights that place them at an advantage over non-married individuals. We will write a custom essay sample on Gay Marriage Research Paper or any similar topic specifically for you, hire Writer, besides, denying gays of marriage is a violation of religious freedom and the First Amendment of the Constitution clearly states that a persons religious. Gay marriage may conflict with some religions, but whos to say what people can believe in? The couple also had pictures of their children and grand-children. A gay couple would (in most cases) take better care of a child, then a teenager.

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Research Paper On Same Sex Marriage

Gay Marriage Research Paper - …

The widely circulated claim that parents engaged in same-sex relationships do just as well as other parents at raising children—a claim widely known today as the “no differences” thesis—is not settled science. Two new peer-reviewed studies released this week by the academic journal Social Science Research challenge the claim that there are no differences in outcomes between children raised by parents who have same-sex relationships and those raised by their biological mother and father in intact, stable marriages.

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Few attributes are more important in structuring attitudes on same-sex marriage than age. Generally, there is an inverse relationship between support for same-sex marriage and increasing age, but the relationship is not uniformly linear. Among younger American adults, from those in their late teens to mid-forties, majorities support same-sex marriage, with the strength of support generally decreasing as age increases. For example, 74% of 20-year-olds support same-sex marriage, compared to 53% of 45-year-olds.

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In June 2015, two days before the Supreme Court handed down its gay marriage edict, The Washington Post ran a story with the headline “.”

will the supreme court legalized gay marriage - Marriage Moment

Among Americans in their late forties to late sixties, the linear relationship between support for same-sex marriage and age plateaus, with Americans in this group roughly divided on the issue. Forty-nine percent of 50-year-olds support same-sex marriage, a number that is similar to support among 68-year-olds (48%). The linear relationship between support for same-sex marriage and age picks up again among Americans who are 70 years of age or older. For example, 41% of 70-year-olds support same-sex marriage, compared to only 33% of those aged 80 and older.

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The correlation between age and support for same-sex marriage is also striking when comparing age cohorts. More than seven in ten (71%) young adults (age 18 to 29) favor allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry, compared to roughly four in ten (41%) seniors (age 65 and older). Notably, however, there is no age group in which a majority opposes same-sex marriage. Only half (50%) of seniors oppose same-sex marriage, although one in ten (10%) offer no opinion on the issue.

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Women are somewhat more likely to support same-sex marriage than men, a pattern that is consistent across generations. Overall, nearly six in ten (57%) women, compared to only half (50%) of men, favor allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry legally. Among young adults, roughly three-quarters (74%) of women and two-thirds (67%) of men favor same-sex marriage.1 The age gap is roughly the same size among seniors. More than four in ten (43%) senior women, but only 36% of senior men, support same-sex marriage.

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The , by sociologist Mark Regnerus of the University of Texas at Austin, presents new and extensive empirical evidence that shows there are differences in outcomes between the children of a parent who has same-sex relationships and children raised by their married, biological mother and father. This new evidence was gathered by Dr. Regnerus, the lead investigator of the which in 2011 surveyed 2,988 young adults for the specific purpose of collecting more reliable, nationally representative data about children from various family origins. (The Witherspoon Institute .) Already, the NFSS has been acknowledged by critics to be “better situated than virtually all previous studies to detect differences between these groups in the population.”

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