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(a) The conviction of a crime substantially related to the qualifications, functions, or duties of a licensee or registrant under this chapter. The record of conviction shall be conclusive evidence only of the fact that the conviction occurred. The board may inquire into the circumstances surrounding the commission of the crime in order to fix the degree of discipline or to determine if the conviction is substantially related to the qualifications, functions, or duties of a licensee or registrant under this chapter. A plea or verdict of guilty or a conviction following a plea of nolo contendere made to a charge substantially related to the qualifications, functions, or duties of a licensee or registrant under this chapter shall be deemed to be a conviction within the meaning of this section. The board may order any license or registration suspended or revoked, or may decline to issue a license or registration when the time for appeal has elapsed, or the judgment of conviction has been affirmed on appeal, or, when an order granting probation is made suspending the imposition of sentence, irrespective of a subsequent order under Section 1203.4 of the Penal Code allowing the person to withdraw a plea of guilty and enter a plea of not guilty, or setting aside the verdict of guilty, or dismissing the accusation, information, or indictment.

The most essential red flag for the therapist is a sense of impulse that is not well inspected for groundedness in clinical knowledge that can be defended in terms of the treatment plan and evidence-based practice. Perhaps the key to today’s morality is in being highly accountable for getting outcomes that express our highest values.

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1.3.4 It may be ethical to terminate a patient relationship for non-payment of fees.

The paper should be a minimum of four pages, double spaced, and in APA format.
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Path 1: Child and Family Welfare Scenario
For this assignment, create a child client who has lived in foster care for most of his/her life.

The value of community-based participatory research (CBPR) is well recognized [; ; National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) 2010; U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) 2010]. Successful CBPR requires a high level of collaboration to address community needs and to translate research findings to community members (; ; ). However, cultural differences, unrealistic expectations, organizational constraints, and ongoing ethical and data-sharing violations can create barriers that stifle or end effective partnerships between universities and sovereign tribal nations (). Few nonnative researchers possess an awareness of Native American culture and belief systems, including the continuing effect of American colonialism on the peoples they seek to study. For example, researchers may choose a model of “reductionist science” that relies on hypothetical quantitative models to determine disease excesses in communities with environmental contamination, while ignoring tribal community knowledge about health impacts and environmental abnormalities. Or, community members may not be included in scientific decision-making bodies that set standards of exposure and risk to community members (). For university researchers unfamiliar with this history, it may be surprising when Native Americans are reluctant to engage in a proposed research project, even if the outcome is anticipated to be beneficial. Academics may also find it challenging to incorporate non-Western scientific paradigms within the constraints of a project. Or, tribal communities may insist on broadening the study scope to include urgent tribal health priorities or aims that were not within the initial project as funded and may not match narrow research goals of the funder.

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In the paper, you will create an assessment and treatment plan for your client that includes his/her main problems (including any ethical issues), a prioritization of needs, an intervention plan and potential obstacles, and a plan to evaluate progress and next steps.
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In order for the hold to take place, the designated professionals must make the determination that the individual is gravely disabled. Although the therapist, the neighbors, or the person’s family may feel that he or she is gravely disabled, the professionals making the determination may not agree that a hold can be done according to the specific requirements of the law. In that case, the individual is released unless he or she is willing to receive residential assessment and treatment services voluntarily. Even then, there may not be funding for that individual to receive the services if the person’s symptoms do not rise to a fundable level, or the person cannot afford to pay privately.

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Insurance companies, including managed care companies, have the responsibility to protect privacy. This includes having systems and policies in place to accomplish such protection. Clients are not always aware of what information will be sent to insurers, particularly where managed care policies include reviewing clinical information in order to determine whether to authorize additional treatment or a change in level of care. Informed consent dictates that therapists provide enough information about their relationship with the insurer that the client can be make informed choices regarding their confidentiality.

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2.1 Marriage and family therapists do not disclose patient confidences, including the names or identities of their patients, to anyone except a) as mandated by law b) as permitted by law c) when the marriage and family therapist is a defendant in a civil, criminal or disciplinary action arising from the therapy (in which case patient confidences may only be disclosed in the course of that action), or d) if there is an authorization previously obtained in writing, and then such information may only be revealed in accordance with the terms of the authorization.

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The telephone call should be made immediately, and if the client has left or broken contact, the therapist should provide the last known and most likely locations of the client. If the status of the client is uncertain and the therapist cannot reach the client, the therapist can ask that the police perform a “welfare check” by going to the client’s home to determine if additional action is necessary. This can be upsetting to a client, but it is better than allowing risk of harm to persist.

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At the outset of therapy, clinicians provide their clients with verbal and written information, much of which is legally required. Some information is not legally required to be offered, but affords some legal protection to the therapist. Other information provided is helpful in setting client expectations in order to improve client understanding and adherence to terms and conditions of the services provided by the therapist. HIPAA and state regulations require therapists to provide specific information in the service of informed consent at the outset of treatment.

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Clinicians are facing increasing challenges to justify their approaches in terms of evidence such as outcome studies and other research published in peer-reviewed journals. The prosecution for the case of Candace Newmaker, the girl who died in rebirthing therapy, repeatedly returned to this issue in cross examination the therapists. However, there are significant challenges in fulfilling this aspiration. There can be difficulty, “converting clinical guidelines into active performance measures,” or in, “integration of findings into daily operations.” Research may appear to have implications for therapy in real-life situations that are misleading. Research studies may not be as relevant to practice conditions as they appear. Therapists in research studies may not actually carry out therapy with as much fidelity to the prescribed method as is believed, because they may put patients’ needs ahead of the research objectives, or because the patient cohort is not as homogenous as intended.

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