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Number Family Cards Students choose a card and use the number family to create four equations on their recording sheet.
Graphic Organizers We have created two graphic organizers, one for a fiction book and one for a nonfiction book.
Lined Paper Never hurts to have a stack of lined paper ready for a time-filler writing activity in your room!
Observational Drawing We like to keep science simple and engaging when we are away from the classroom for the day.

Thanks so much for the ideas and activities to add to my box of tricks for EMERGENCY lesson plans!

Across the country, people are waking up to the state of emergency facing the right to abortion... If we do not reverse this trajectory now, we will condemn future generations of women and girls to forced motherhood, to lives of open enslavement, terror, and life-crushing shame. Women will be forced to have children they do not want, trapping them in abusive relationships, driving them into poverty, forcing them out of school, and extinguishing their dreams. Women will go to desperate and dangerous measures to terminate unwanted pregnancies, once again flooding emergency rooms and turning up dead women in cheap motels with blood caked between their legs.

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Right from the start each school year, we will establish an important routine in my Language Arts class. The first ten minutes of class every day begins with what we call --or SWT. It's sacred because it's guaranteed--even when there's a substitute teacher for the day--and it's sacred because it's quiet and we take it very seriously. My biggest belief about teaching students to be better writers is that you all have to write every day, and SWT is our opportunity to develop that daily practice. Ten minutes may not sound like much time at all, but that becomes almost an hour of new writing per week per student. How often do musicians and athletes practice before playing for real in a concert or game? Certainly more often than we practice in writing class, and I do everything possible to guarantee you writing practice. I want my students well-practiced when they sit down to write a real paper, which we'll do three or four times a semester.

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Whether I am teaching response to literature or specific writing skills that we will incorporate into a paper during a future writer's workshop day, Writer's Notebooks and have become a foundational base for everything I do when I teach Common Core- and other standards-inspired skills. My students (who, like me back in the tenth grade, used to drop their "journals" straight into the trash can as soon as the semester officially ended) now treasure their writer's notebooks. I keep a plastic crate wherein my students can store their writer's notebook between classes over night, but most want to take them home so they can either continue working on a writing idea they started in class, or they just don't feel comfortable having their cherished notebook out of their sight. I often present professional development sessions on writer's notebooks throughout my district and state, and should I ask my students if I can borrow their notebooks to share at my teacher workshops, well, you should hear them make me swear that nothing will happen to their notebooks while they are in my personal care. Does every child on my roster love their notebooks to this degree? No, of course not, because that will never happen, but 90% of my students think the time we spend working in their writer's notebooks is one of the best parts of their school day. Kindly check out the Pinterest Boards I link to below if you want to see the energy my students put in to their writer's notebooks for me.

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Every computer has spell check software, so there is no reason for the student to have any spelling errors in their writing. In addition to using a basic spell check program, students can go online to get additional grammar and spelling software. By using these alternative programs, students can catch some of the mistakes that they would normally miss. Students should also read through their paper carefully to spot common errors that may be missed by a spell checker. If you are unconfident, better rely on who will fix all your errors.

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Emergency Disaster Management
Your research paper assignment calls for you to demonstrate your grasp of the concepts covered in the course related to course specific topics or issues of particular interest to you such as the use of social media in the field of emergency management and / or crisis communications.
The research paper is worth 30% of your final grade. The research paper should not exceed 20 double spaced typed pages (Minimum 10 double spaced, typed pages) and should include a title page and a reference page (an abstract is optional) – none of which count toward the page total.

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It seems like a logical choice to begin with the introduction. Unfortunately, it can be exceptionally challenging to create an overview of the essay before the student really knows what it is about. Some students waste hours agonizing over the introduction and dealing with writer's block. Instead of wasting this valuable time, students should start with the section of the paper that they are most familiar with. Later on, students can always go back and create the introduction. As they write, the student should avoid worrying too much about the quality. The important thing in the first draft is to get everything in writing. Once the first draft is complete, students can go back and focus on proofreading their work.

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Whether a disaster is man- made or natural, it can occur at anytime and anywhere. General response to any disaster is thereby in terms of rescue and relief operations which are after the event. If we are well and adequately prepared, it is very easy to reduce the impact of that disaster. There can be reduction of the impact through being aware by understanding well the preventive actions, together with having knowledge of particular tools and techniques; at the time of disaster event these tools and techniques can be used to control total damage to belongings and life. The biggest problem and very sad thing is the way a disaster occur; they occur with swiftness and suddenness hence, for a disaster serenity to be reduced, the response has to be swift equally(De Boer, 2000).

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We face two divergent roads: Either we seize control of the debate and reset the terms and whole trajectory of this fight; or we continue down the road of "established conventional wisdom," only to awaken before long to an unrecognizable and untenable situation for women. What each of us does matters, and matters tremendously.

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