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Two of the pioneers in this field are at Harvard University and at the University of Washington. Both have benefitted from early and sustained support by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for developing simple and very-low-cost diagnostic devices that do not require special skills or facilities. Their groups have advanced several simple and elegant approaches to forming paper microfluidic devices.

Some companies have already taken advantage of this liquid-wicking capability to create disposable pregnancy and blood-sugar tests. But recently the emphasis has shifted to a “bottom up” approach. Instead of making inexpensive versions of specific tests, researchers are now trying to develop a general class of paper-based microfluidic systems that can then be adapted to make a variety of different tests, for such tasks as monitoring liver function or diagnosing tuberculosis. If done right, these tests could be compact, self-contained—and cheap. They could also be used without a great deal of training, at home or out in the field, and easily disposed of by incineration after one use.

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But paper actually has a lot going for it. It’s lightweight, flexible, biodegradable, and it comes from a renewable resource. It’s also extraordinarily adaptable: With the right set of additives and manufacturing processes, paper can take on a seemingly endless range of properties. It can be made hydrophilic or hydrophobic, porous or watertight, opaque or nearly transparent, delicate or strong, coarse or about as smooth as glass.

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At first glance, paper might seem like an unlikely front-runner in the flexible electronics race. Straight off the shelf, the material isn’t nearly as rugged as plastic or as smooth as new, bendable forms of glass. And at a microscopic level it’s just a tangle of cellulose fibers, hardly the sort of structure that’s ideal for making a bunch of finely featured, identical circuit components.

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The electronics in this scenario are not far off; in fact the basic technological breakthroughs needed to make them work have all been achieved in the past few years. At the moment the costs are still too high for them to be used in things like business cards or package labels, but remarkable advances in materials science and simpler fabrication methods are setting the stage for a whole new breed of cheap, bendable, disposable, and perhaps even recyclable electronics. And some of the most exciting work in this field is happening with paper.

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Paper electronics also have the potential to be extraordinarily cheap. The material itself is intrinsically inexpensive; conventional varieties cost about a tenth as much as plastic film. Even the special paper that’s tailor-made for electronics costs, area for area, about 1 percent as much as silicon. Roll-to-roll presses can print microscopic features on wide reams at speeds of up to 30 meters per second—about three times as fast as the Olympian Usain Bolt can run.

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In this paper, a control strategy for power flow management of a grid-connected hybrid photovoltaic (PV)-wind-battery-based system with an efficient multi-input transformer-coupled bidirectional dc-dc converter is presented. The proposed system aims to satisfy the load demand, manage the power flow from different sources, inject the surplus power into the grid, and charge the battery from the grid...

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You wake up with a heavy head. Was it the half dozen glasses of champagne last night or are you getting sick? In your bathroom is a little strip of paper that can tell you for sure. You place it on your tongue and after a few seconds, you pull it back to see the bad news: There’s a small green dot next to the word “flu.” When you fish your doctor’s business card out of your wallet, you notice it looks different from the last time you looked at it. The phone number for his office was originally black. Now it’s displayed in blinking red letters, a sign that the number was changed recently.

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Grid-connected photovoltaic (PV) inverters have a dc/dc converter connected to the PV for executing the maximum power point tracking. The design of an interleaved boost converter (IBC) with three switching legs for a 10-kW PV inverter is presented in this paper. This paper shows how the use of silicon carbide (SiC) switches and powdered iron core inductors enables the operation of the converter at...

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In this paper, power electronic transformer (PET)-based railway traction systems are comprehensively reviewed according to the unique application features and requirements. By comparing PET and conventional line frequency transformer (LFT)-based systems, their pros and cons are summarized. By further reviewing all kinds of PET-based designs from the early concepts to the latest ones in the order o...

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