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Consumer Qs: Do termites digest wood they eat

Termites eat away the cellulose of the wood causing wood to become soft and more often look like newspaper or cardboard. Keep in mind once termite finds your home it can take years before you can actually find any of the termite swarm coming our your home. Termite can eat up to 3 feet yearly depending on the size of the colony.

Termite control is not just killing bugs, it is about protecting what is most likely your largest investment, your home. With more than 10 years of experience, we take great pride in the work that we do. You can trust our range of termite control solutions to give you the peace of mind that termite activity is under control on your property.

you will find that termites can do ..

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Creosote treatment frequently does not reach the core of these timbers and by itself is not guarantee against Formosan termites.

Locating flying termites inside of your home is not the most reassuringsight. There are cases that look better than others. If only acouple of swarmers are found indoors, they could have easily hitch-hiked indoorson someone's shirt or sweater or they could have merely flown through an opendoor or window. These pests have even been found crawling throughbathroom and kitchen vents.
If large numbers of swarmers are found indoors, you need to have something doneabout it. One or two swarmers can be a coincidence but large numbers isdefinitely a sign that there is a colony in or underneath the structure.

We have many frantic phone calls from customers that want to purchase aninsecticide to kill the flying termites in their home. As noted above,this is not necessary since the swarmers do not feed on your home. Theyare a signal that there is a colony in or beneath the structure which means thatthe home needs to be inspected and possibly treated by a professional that islicensed for termite treatment.
Swarming or flying termites often are seen near garage doors, other door orwindow frames (especially bay windows), columns supporting porches, dirt-filledporches and any expansion joints. An expansion joint is any area where twoor more sections of a home are joined such as where a garage or patio isconnected to a house.
If possible, sweep up the indoor swarmers and save them for your pest controloperator. The number of swarmers as well their their location can bevaluable evidence needed by the technician who will inspect the structure. A thorough inspection will determine the severity of the problem and what (ifany) treatments are necessary.

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When these insects land on your home you must remember that a termiteswarmer cannot harm you. . Theworker termite (the one that resembles a small, white ant) eats eat and doesextensive damage to buildings. Once a female subterranean termite swarmerhas successfully mated, she must burrow into the soil in a very short timeperiod. Of the multitude of swarmers seen, only one in every thousand hasa chance of being successful. Ants and other insects as well as reptiles,birds and even the elements all take their toll on the swarmers. If themated female makes it past all of her natural enemies, she must also make it tothe safety of the soil. If she lands in areas where she cannot make it tothe protection of the soil, she will die.
In short, if a termite swarmer lands on the exterior surface of your home itdoes not mean that you have a termite problem.

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The appearance of harm wood: Since underground termites fabricate their homes underground, harmed wood typically has an aggregation of soil or mud inside of the wood's passages they are eating. Since underground termites just eat the softwood, harmed wood has all the earmarks of being layered, the specialists' aftereffect not eating the hardwood part. Also, underground termites sustain "with the grain" as opposed to over the grain, as do dry wood termites.

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Termite swarmers found on the exterior surfaces of the home could havemerely landed on the sides of the home as the wind blew them in the direction ofthe house. If this is the case, there is not too much to worryabout. If, however, the swarmers were observed flying out of the structurefrom around windows, doors, garage doors, bay windows, porch columns or otherwood members or openings then there might be some concerns.
It is not unusual for termites to land on a house. They (termite swarmers)are not the best of flyers but the winds can carry them quite a distance. (The Formosan Termite is an exception to this rule. The Formosan Termiteis capable of better, more aggressive, sustained flight than other subterraneantermites.) If the pests swarmed from a nearby tree limb, neighbor's homeor any other such object, this does not always mean that your house is indanger.

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Are considered a pest that thrives into the beams of your foundation and eats off your home and average colony capable of reaching about 300,000 in size. Termites are considered a wood destroying insect they are known for destroying millions of homes and causing billions in dollar in property damage thru out the United States

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have all seen ants in our lifetime. Ants canbe found indoors, outdoors, on plants, in our lawns and in flower or vegetablegarden. There are many different species of ants in the United States butthey all have one thing in common: the classic head, abdomen , thorax sectionsof their body. If you find winged insects in or around your home and wantto make sure that they are not termites, pull back their wings and look closelyat the body parts. If the bug you inspect looks like an ant, it is usuallyan ant. If it does not have three visible body parts but does have a headand a long body, it is probably a termite. Compare the body parts shown inthe picture below.

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Insects, rodents, critters, termites are very dangerous. They are such type of pests that can definitely ruin the foundation and structure of your house. The bad part thing about this pest is that, they’re not noticeable so, this simply means that termites don’t come into your house with warning. And it’s too late before you eventually notice and realize that your properties are infested by these pests.

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It comprehends ways termites may get into your home. That way, you can spot and close down any helpless ranges they may use before they find the opportunity.

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of termite damage in Australian cities is therefore needed, and may give rise to unwanted side effects.
Until 1995, organochlorine termiticide treatments were used to create barriers to termites in
Australia. These have since been replaced with other, less persistent, chemicals and physical
barriers. As a consequence, chemical termiticides need to be reapplied on a regular basis, averaging
every 3 to 5 years depending on local conditions. There is a relative lack of knowledge of the
consequences of repeatedly using these replacement chemicals under Australian conditions. In 2005, bifenthrin (FMC Australasia Pty Ltd) is the most commonly used termiticide in Australia followed by imidacloprid and fipronil. Chlorpyrifos (Dow Agricultural Products) has decreased in use because of concerns over toxicity and efficacy in alkaline soils.
Permethrin, alpha-cypermethrin are not currently used even though they remain registered for use in
Australia by the National Registration Authority (NRA).

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