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On the positive side, children from divorced families have been showntobenefit from their parents divorce if each parent is able tocommunicateeffectively with each other and with their children. In addition,theparents must keep the children out of any squabbles unless it concernsthemdirectly, such as in a custody decision. In these situations,childrenare more likely to do well during the divorce and are more likely tonotexhibit many negative effects. On the negative side, however,children mayfeel that they have to choose sides or are still seeing tension betweenparents, which in the child’s eyes was supposed to be solved in thedivorce. In these situations children may rebel or even gothrough aperiod of depression.

The provides short-term Disability Insurance (DI) and Paid Family Leave (PFL) wage replacement benefits to eligible workers who need time off work. You may be eligible for DI if you are unable to work due to non-work-related illness or injury, pregnancy, or childbirth. You may be eligible for PFL to care for a seriously ill family member or to bond with a new child.

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Besides programs, there are many counseling centers and therapists thatare outthere to help. The most common counseling we hear about is FamilyandMarriage Counseling. These counseling centers are for parents andtheirchild to sit with therapists and talk about the divorce. They cancome upwith different strategies to cope with the divorce, were the childrenwon't beaffected. These sessions can inform the child about the reasonsfor thedivorce and help the child to deal with any problems they mayhave. Theseconferences can really help the parents and children to talk abouttheirfeelings and find ways to not be affected by the divorce (Hartwell,2003).

Other stress factors are also brought into a child’s life when parentsgetdivorced. Stress can come from “moving and parental remarriage”(Amato2000). Moving to a different house can be very stressful,especially if achild has lived there their whole life. Considering the fact thatboththe mother and father of the child live in different places, the childis tornin between the two. It would be hard to decide where to leavewhat andalways pack while going from one house to another. They may feelasthough they do not have a certain place to live. When parentsremarry, itis usually very hard on the child. They feel like the new motherorfather is trying to take their actual mother or father’s place. This cancause hatred and drama in the new family. Especially when achild’sfather and new mother decide to have another baby, the child may feelthat thefather does not want him anymore.

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When parents separate and start living in different houses their livingconditions often change. They can no longer afford the house theyuse toown together. This action “results in a severe decline instandard ofliving” especially for single mothers (Amato, 2000). A singleparent’sincome does not usually cover a big house, so they move into smallerhouses ormaybe even apartments. The living conditions cause the child tofeeldepressed or they feel that they do not have much money anymore. This mayresult in children withdrawing from a group of friends, because theyfeelembarrassed of how they live now. Also, the child may feel thattheirparents feel embarrassed of how they have to live now, which can causedepression for the child.

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Primary education is not a birthright of the rich and well-to-do; it is the basic right of every child. Individuals and society both benefit from the right to education. It is essential for human, social and economic development and a key element to achieving long-term peace and sustainable development.

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Wallerstein(1985,1987)preformed a study of young adolescent’s children who were going throughdivorce. She did a follow up study five years later, which showed herthat overtwo–thirds of the people were suffering from stress, and about half ofthepeople felt that their lives were “destroyed by thedivorce”(Zinsmeister,p.153). Her study went further to show that about one third was“stillseriously disturbed” and another third went on to say that the divorcehasgiven them psychological difficulties. Many of the people were stillangry attheir parents for the divorce, even though time had past, and peoplehad movedon.

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As stated previously, Bruner sees the cognitive development unfolding gradually, rather than requiring the completion of stages, each in succession, and mastered before moving onto the next stage of cognition.
An extremely significant aspect of Piaget's cognitive development theory to apply to the classroom would involve the development of morality: during the concrete operational stage, the child learns that there are rules which guide behavior, and that the world does not consist entirely and only of that child's needs and desires. The applicability to the classroom setting of this theory would involve students’ ability to follow academic standards, rules, and participate in classroom settings that take into account the other students and the need to share the time and space with the others in a classroom. The egocentrism that characterizes the young child can no longer be acceptable in an environment where there are many others to consider, whose words and actions are a relevant part of the learning experience rather than simply focusing on the child's own wishes.

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Instead of experiencing anger and hatred toward the parent fordeserting him orher, the child could become depressed because he or she may feelunwanted. Theresult of depression would be a lack of production in school, or thelashingout at other students or even teachers, even the lack of nutrition. Thelashingout and the refusal to eat could also continue in the home directed atbrothersor sisters, or even the chosen parent or babysitter. The lashing outwould onlyinclude in retaliation by screaming, but it could also lead to violence.

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The SIPPC (Self-Initiated Prone Progressive Crawler) is currently being used by doctors to understand brain patterns associated with movement to analyze how infants go about their decision-making process. The NSF-funded trial should be completed by the end of the year. Doctors continue to refine the design and apply it for children with various disabilities, including those who are visually-impaired.

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The word primary means “the great importance” and the word education means “an important training.” Primary education plays a vital role especially in the success or failure of something. It is an approved right, and it contributes to the full development of the human personality. Being the youngest members of society at this stage, children learn to read and write. It is a guidance where students are achievers.

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Bruner and Piaget differ significantly in their viewpoints about whether or not there are certain stages of cognitive development that need to be mastered for each person. Although Bruner acknowledges that there are different stages of cognitive development, his view of them is different from Piaget's: rather than representing different and distinct manners of thought at various points of development, he envisions a gradual development of cognitive skills and abilities that transform into more integrated adult cognitive abilities (Mcleod, 2008.) Piaget, on the other hand, delineates four distinct stages of cognitive development, each one of which must be mastered before the next stage can be approached: the sensorimotor stage, from birth to two years old, in which the child is able to separate himself or herself from objects, and develops object constancy; the preoperational stage, from ages 2 to 7 years of age, in which the child begins to use language, learns to represent objects by both images and words, and is characterized by egocentric thinking; the concrete operational stage, ages 7 to 11 years of age, in which the child is able to think rationally about objects and events, and is able to group things together by common characteristics, such as size, gender, and color; and the formal operational stage, from 11 years and older, in which the child is able to think in the abstract, test out ideas hypothetically, and becomes interested in and troubled by the future and various current and ideological issues such as war and peace, death and illness, and other unknowns (Mynard.)

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