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Data Analytics & Business Intelligence.

Compare that explanation of BI with the definition for business analytics (BA), a technology-aided process by which software analyzes data to predict what will happen (predictive analytics) or what could happen by taking a certain approach (prescriptive analytics). BA is also sometimes called advanced analytics.

During the last two decades technology evolved in a way that resulted in massive data. Enterprises built expensive infrastructures to turn data into valuable information in support of the management’s decision making, giving rise to Business Intelligence. Even though, the cost of such infrastructures has been significantly reduced, the economic crisis limited the business budgets, especially for small and medium enterprises, in ways that they could not afford setting up high performance infrastructures. The concept of cloud computing addresses the problem of scalability, agility and cost by allowing enterprises to access powerful tools and services without having to purchase the solutions or the infrastructure needed. This paper describes the concept of Cloud Business Intelligence and addresses the benefits, problems and challenges raised when applied in the real business world.

Business Intelligence - Term Paper

Business intelligence | essay-paper

- Emotions Term Paper discusses a sample of how to order a critical analysis paper, giving specific instructions.

28) describes business intelligence (BI) as ‘an umbrella term that combines architectures, tools, databases, analytical tools, applications, and methodologies....

- Intelligence Quotient research papers discuss how the IQ is used to determine the intelligence of an individual and help identify special needs in learners.

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Business intelligence is the process of transformation of data into information, and information into knowledge, which can be used for the improvement of the competitiveness of the enterprise. The term “business intelligence” was introduced by the prominent researcher from IBM Hans Peter Luhn in 1958, who said that business intelligence is the ability to understand the connections between the existing facts in such a way to direct one’s activity to the achieving on his goal. The modern understanding of business intelligence is a bit more different, because they understand it as the appliances and software which work in the borders on the firm maintaining the function of the constant access to the information which is stored in the database helping the company in the process of the successful decision making.

Business intelligence, or BI, is an umbrella term that refers to a variety of software applications used to analyze an organization’s raw data.

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Research paper on business intelligence and analytics ..

Business intelligence is also called descriptive analytics, in that it describes a past or current state. “It doesn’t tell you what to do; it tells you what was and what is,” says Michael F. Gorman, professor of operations management and decision science at the University of Dayton in Ohio.

Research paper on business intelligence and analytics

This paper focuses on the process of maximizing the benefits from a business intelligence (BI) application. A general theoretical framework of analysis is formulated based on previous research into organizational deep structure and inertia. Our framework is applied to a case study of a U.K. retail bank which used an existing customer profitability BI application to transform its marketing strategy. We find that an organization’s ability to extract strategic BI benefits is influenced by its deep structure (core beliefs, organizational structures, control systems and distribution of power) and also by its ability to overcome the effects of the multiple inertia sources that the deep structure generates. Organizations should therefore carefully consider the effects of multidimensional organizational inertia and aim to manage inertia sources in respect to information from BI applications when links that embed the BI into an organization as a whole are developed and maintained. We also present generally applicable insights into enhancing the delivery of informative long-term BI decision support for organizations.

term paper on Business Intelligence

Business intelligence is an interesting topic for the research, because one should improve his knowledge on the methods and techniques of the right analysis of the business processes. A well-organized business intelligence term paper is expected to present enough trustworthy facts about the problem and explain the most important elements of business intelligence and evaluate its role for the proper development of business. A student is supposed to use the best methods for the research in order to demonstrate his ability to analyse things professionally. The conclusion of the paper should contain the purpose and the result of the research and the relevance of business intelligence in the modern time.

Though the term business intelligence is sometimes a synonym for ..

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As a result business intelligence is the complicated and broad structure which is closely connected with business analytics, tools for integration and ETL, analytical databases and tools of Data Mining. Business intelligence helps to analyze vast amounts of data paying attention of the user only to the core factors of effectiveness modelling different situations and demonstrating the probable results of the particular decisions and solutions. Business intelligence is an important complex of methods which helps to organize the business processes wisely due to the profound analysis of the existing data valuable for the business.

Business Intelligence – A Research Paper

As someone who has worked in business, has had my ownbusiness, and has studied organizational behavior in bothundergraduate and graduate school, when I read this book in 1998I felt offended by Goleman trying to tell me that what he waswriting about was something new. Even before I was aware that and his research colleaguesstrongly disagreed with his use of the term emotionalintelligence, I sensed something was wrong.

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