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The Saunders Waterford papers are the premium quality watercolor papers made by St. Cuthberts; they combine features of the previous T.H. Saunders papers but with a tougher surface. Sheets are mouldmade, 100% cotton, internally and surface sized with gelatin, acid free, two natural deckle edges, with the watermark "T H SAUNDERS ENGLAND" or "SAUNDERS WATERFORD" along one deckle edge and the trademark "Waterford Series" embossed in one corner. The rattle is loud and fairly bright, indicating the pulp was well pounded; the papers burn to a light reddish gray to medium dark gray ash, indicating moderate inclusion of additives. The wire side has a subtle, gently undulating wire pattern. — Available in white sheets or rolls, in a variety of formats, in R, CP and HP finish, in six nonstandard weights from 150 to 638 . Price of a single 285 full sheet is about US$2.40.

The Rough finish is one of the coarsest of any R sheet available, although the tooth is rounded and in low relief, excellent for granular pigments. The deckle is thin and ragged. The color is a warm ivory, slightly warmer than the sheets but not as warm as the . The sheet took a very even wash, with very little pigment texture or cobalt violet banding. The magenta went on smoothly without any blossoming, indicating good surface sizing. Scrubbing left a distinct streak visible under a wash; resists lifted cleanly without damage to the surface. The green sponged off easily, with no damage or change in the repainted area. — The Cold Pressed finish is similar to the Arches CP, although the surface stands up less well to scraping or assertive brushwork. The color is a warm ivory white. The sizing is slightly lighter than in the R sheet: the CP took a wash evenly but with noticeable cobalt violet banding and negligible blossoming in the magenta. The lifting capabilities of the paper are generally excellent: scrubbing left barely visible streak marks, and the green sponged off with difficulty but with no damage or discoloration to the paper or repainted areas. Resists came off easily. — The Hot Pressed finish has a clear eggshell texture, comparable to the Fabriano Uno SP, with a much wider weave than other HP papers. The color is a dull ivory, the darkest of all HP sheets tested. This sheet took one of the most even washes of an HP sheet, but with strong cobalt violet banding; the magenta blossoming was slight, and flocculation almost absent, indicating good sizing for an HP sheet. Resists came off quickly and cleanly, but scrubbing left a noticeable streaking. The green lifted completely with no visible damage or discoloration. All the sheets are dimensionally quite stable, cockling very little even after repeated applications of wash solutions.

This traditional style watercolour paper has two deckled edges and Arches distinctive watermark.

Arches Bright White Watercolor Paper - BLICK art materials

Good quality watercolor paper has a watermark that identifies the manufacturer of the paper

There are a number of ways to tell the Felt Side. Firstly, all paper made at St Cuthberts Mill is packed with the Felt Side uppermost. With watermarked paper, if you can read it correctly you are looking at the Felt Side. Or look for the wire mesh of the cylinder mould from which it was made. This is quite difficult to see, and is nearly impossible on Bockingford, as the mill has taken great care to get both sides of the paper to be nearly indistinguishable.

Saunders Waterford® is an exquisite watercolour paper, traditionally made on a cylinder mould machine. This is the superior quality watercolour paper made by St Cuthberts Mill and comes with the Royal Watercolour Society’s endorsement. Made using 100% cotton, the highest quality papermaking material, to high archival standards. Each sheet is buffered with calcium carbonate to help defend finished pieces of work from discolouration caused by acids present in atmospheric pollution.

• Arches Watercolor Paper- Rolls: ..

Arches® Watercolour Paper is an acid-free, 100% cotton paper, which lends the product resistance, stability, and a characteristic feel.
The traditional production process on a round cylinder gives the item a varied, harmonious texture: cloth, fine, or satiny.
Surface sized 'inside' and dry on the surface, the colours are rendered beautifully even after scratching and gumming.
Its natural dye and antifungal protection ensures its excellent permanence.
Recommended for watercolours, poster paint, acrylic, ink, calligraphy.
May be used on offset typography.
Identification: Arches® France distinctive watermark and dry stamped.
Surfaces smooth, medium and rough.
all 560 x 760mm
rolls 1.13 x 9.15m

Arches Watercolour Paper - Arches Studio Six

to name a few!
Obviously, we also have a large selection of drawing and watercolour sketching albums and diaries… from the student economy range of visual diaries to the better paper ones with lovely binding (great for art journaling!) from Daley Rowney, Derwent, Hannemuhle or Sennelier.
Finally we also stock lots and lots of beautiful Indian, Chinese, Nepalese, Japanese papers: Abaca, Kozo, Lokta in natural, lace, striped, metallic or with mango, banana or tamarino leaf incrustations… come and check them out but WARNING YOU… you’ll want them all!The Arches paper is greatly appreciated by watercolourists for its special qualities – stability, colour rendition, resistance to tearing and fluffing.

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Arches Watercolour Paper - Natural - Curry's Art Store

Kanems | Εκκλησιαστικά Είδη - Watercolor Paper Watermark

This prepared paper is a superb substrate for acrylics, inks, silverpoint, oil pastels, gouache, watercolours and dry media such as soft pastels, charcoal and pencils.

Arches Watercolour Paper | Cavalier Art Supplies

Fabriano offers several weight and textures for their watercolour paper. The one I have is 200 GSM (90 lb), cold press and acid-free. It's made of 25% cotton and lignin-free cellulose. Generally speaking, artist grade is 100% cotton (e.g. Fabriano Artistico), so 25% is more like student grade. Take note that there are 300 GSM (140 lb) and hot press versions available too.

Arches® Watercolour Paper is an acid-free, ..

Fabriano Artistico watercolour paper is mould made, produced whit 100% cotton, chlorine and acid free, guaranteeing long conservation and inalterability over time. The paper is sized both internally and externally, making it ideally absorbent and retaining its nature unaltered even if scratched. Traditional white, whitout optical bleaching.
Two deckle edgeg and watermarked "FABRIANO+ARTISTICO" on the short side. Short grain. The high quality and ample offer of this paper satisfied the requirements of all professional artists and the most demanding amateurs.
Ideal for watercolour, tempera, gouche, acrylic, link, charcoal, graphite and drawing. It is also suitable for printmaking.

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