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WHY write an Analytical Research Paper?

Times New Roman or Century Gothic
Double Spaced
Header and Footer
A minimum of 3 sources
One of which should be your novel If 5-Paragraph:
Main Idea #1
At least 3 supporting details
Main Idea #2
At least 3 supporting details
Main Idea #3
At least 3 supporting details
Conclusion Header
Student Name
Assignment Title
Instructor Name
Date Due RIGHT side
1 space in between
No # symbol
Lastname 3 Header
2nd PAGE
till the END The Analytical Research Paper

For example: One might choose to right an analytical research paper with a thesis statement of..."Bella's choice of Edward over Jacob was the wrong option.

analytical research paper will be available on An analytical research paper is written to present the author's interpretation of a: theory, concept, or text.

Through a concerted effort, toxicologists, biochemists, analytical chemists, health risk researchers, and community-based researchers working with policy makers can provide the evidence base from which to effectively translate key findings into public health protection policy. Such policy implementation will itself require considerable time and debate among all stakeholders. However, having an adequate evidence base in place to inform policy making will improve and modernize efforts directed toward mitigating public health and economic impacts caused by future petroleum spills.

The questions and issues raised here represent deficiencies that the entire cadre of stakeholders, including the affected public, research scientists, public health officials, medical professionals, funding agencies, and industries, can help address. Investment is needed in both research and education to fill the gaps in critical knowledge and potential public perception. Investments in environmental education and literacy will give stakeholders a better understanding of why an expanded list of PAH analytes, including APAHs, is warranted. In addition, stakeholders will be better able to understand what the various quantitative levels of PAHs mean from a point of evidence-based public health protection and gain a greater appreciation for the value of the health risk assessment process, including its limitations. Achieving these end results will better engage affected communities, improve the application and use of resources in the areas most impacted, and foster more effective risk communication and information dissemination strategies. These goals can be achieved with investments in improving analytical chemical methods, toxicology, and risk assessment research to develop the evidence base required to objectively evaluate relevant PAHs, including the APAHs, in the health risk assessment process.

Example of an Analytical English Research Paper

Our capacity to detect smaller and smaller quantities of PAHs in seafood and other matrices could lead to misperceptions by the public about the health risks that they may face after oils spills and natural disasters. Risk assessments often treat nondetects or levels below the MDL as zero when evaluating health risks. The lay public may interpret such nondetect or sub-MDL findings in seafood samples as indicating that they are essentially free of PAHs. Today, however, many more PAH analytes can be assigned quantitative values in complex environmental media, such as seafood, that may have previously been considered PAH free. This means that analytes with quantitative values above the currently available MDLs (low parts per billion/high parts per trillion) can be used in mixtures risk assessment models, even if individual PAHs are present in concentrations far below currently accepted levels of health concern. This new analytical capacity may trigger health concerns among members of the general public, for whom the mere detection of PAHs in seafood may be interpreted as evidence of a problem. Adding complexity to this emerging problem is the relative absence of a comprehensive evidence base by which toxicity, mutagenicity, or carcinogenicity can be assigned to the growing list of analytes that researchers are now able to detect. This is especially true for the APAHs, which, in oils and uncombusted fuels, represent the majority of PAH contaminants resulting from environmental spills and accidents (; ; ). How then do we deal with more sensitive and comprehensive results and the increased concerns that they may elicit in the general public? Should monitoring efforts simply avoid evaluating the levels of this growing list of PAHs, including APAHs, until they can effectively be used in policy-based public health protection and management strategies?

An analytical research paper's purpose is to explain to the reader why the author's thesis statement is true.

Need help incorporating sources into your academic research papers using the MLA style? Learn techniques on how to format your citations from print and electronic sources – paraphrasing, summarizing, quoting and listing reference sources.

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Analytical Research Ltd has completed a research project analysing the participation of British male workers in the long-term care sector. Labor market changes, including growing opportunities to work in the long-term care (LTC) sector. Analyzing an English national workforce data-set we investigated whether men are crossing traditional boundaries into more emotional, and personal care work. We examined organization, local area effect, and service provision on the probability of attracting more men to the workforce. The analysis utilized multivariate statistics and mixed-effect models. The findings highlight both horizontal and vertical segregation in the types of jobs undertaken by men in the LTC sector. See

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Objectives: Here we discuss the increasing ability of contemporary analytical methods to distinguish not only different chemical structures among PAHs but also their concentrations in environmental media. Using seafood contamination following the Deepwater Horizon accident as an example, we identify issues that are emerging in the PAH risk assessment process because of increasing analytical sensitivity for individual PAHs, and we describe the paucity of toxicological literature for many of these compounds.

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Citation: Wickliffe J, Overton E, Frickel S, Howard J, Wilson M, Simon B, Echsner S, Nguyen D, Gauthe D, Blake D, Miller C, Elferink C, Ansari S, Fernando H, Trapido E, Kane A. 2014. Evaluation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons using analytical methods, toxicology, and risk assessment research: seafood safety after a petroleum spill as an example. Environ Health Perspect 122:6–9;

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This project is a collaboration between Analytical Research Ltd, King's College London, University of York and Coventry University. The project is funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), School of Social Care Research (2012-2014). Analytical Research Ltd is responsible for the design and implementation of quantitative models in relation to national and local data on safeguarding and incidents of abuse. For more information, see workshop slides presented at London School of Economics.

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Students become nervous when they have trouble selecting analytical paper topics for their papers. They can’t even imagine what to discuss. If you want to write a strong paper on a chosen topic, you should consider the following information.

Analytical Research Paper Topics – Effective Guidelines

New environmental problems have arisen due to the production of numerous toxic materials with the development of industrial technologies. Although various technologies have been developed to solve these critical problems, the results were not satisfactory. Therefore, this study introduces a label-free, paper-based biosensing strip sensor to directly analyze the components of wastewater on site. Raman spectroscopy was used for fingerprinting the chemically-vibrational responses of the wastewater. In order to enhance the low signal intensity of the Raman results, the surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) effect was implemented by using gold nanoparticles (AuNPs). Dense and uniform AuNPs were synthesized and distributed onto paper by a power-free successive ionic layer absorption and reaction (SILAR) method. The biosensing ability of the SERS paper strip showed a sensitivity of 10–10 M and an enhancement factor of 2.8 × 107 for rhodamine 6G. Two organic toxic drugs were selected to mimic wastewater. It was demonstrated that the SERS paper strip was sensitive to concentrations of 10–9 M and 10-5 M with correlation coefficients of 0.85 and 0.99 for 4-aminobenzoic acid and pyrocatechol, respectively. Therefore, the proposed SERS-encoded gold paper analytical strip has the potential to be used for the point-of-assay of wastewater.

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