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This was the kind of unique person that Albert Einstein was.

He made a numerous amount of predictions about the “movement and sizes of the particles, which were later verified experimentally by the French physicists Jean Perrin” (“Albert, Einstein.” 2).

Even though he is often unnoted, Albert Einstein is considered a man of great intelligence because of his contribution to physics with e=mc2 and also because he had little to no longitudinal fissure, making it easier for him to think critically....

Heute stelle ich euch mal wieder eine Montblanc Editionstinte vor und zwar die Albert Einstein.

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Albert Einstein was unquestionably one of thetwo greatest physicists in all of history.

Although Albert Einstein is thought to be one of the most brilliant influential thinkers of all time, he was born with birth deformities that left his skull in an angular shape.

In 1800, The Einstein Family moved to Munich, in which Hermann Einstein (Albert's Father) and his uncle founded a company called Elektrotechnische Fabrik J.

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Such things that have impacted the world may be the creation of satellites that help transmit wireless signals in many technological devices that can only be thought by Albert Einstein.

To better understand Albert Einstein, a person should examine his personal life, achievements, and his brain.

In 1905, the same year he finished his Ph.D. thesis, Einstein published several amazing insights, including papers on Brownian motion and the photoelectric effect (the latter won Einstein his sole ). One of those papers proposed a theory of “special relativity” that said that the speed of light is fixed and independent of the observer’s motion. The 1887 convinced Einstein that there was no ether (the supposed physical background that allowed light to move), and that the laws of physics were the same in reference frames moving with a constant velocity relative to each other.

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Free Albert Einstein papers, essays, and research papers.

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His recent Awards includes Albert Szent-Gyrgyi Prize for Progress in Cancer Research, 2009; Helsinki Medal, 2007; Albert Einstein College of Medicine Distinguished Alumnus Award, 2004; American Cancer Society Edith A. Pistorino Research Professorship, 2004; Member, Institute of Medicine of the National Academies, 2004; AACR-G.H.A. Clowes Memorial Award, 2003

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#29. Unified Theory: During the later years of his life, Albert Einstein was working on unified field theory. His aim was to develop a theory that would explain the entrie universe and all the laws of physics, bringing them into a single framework. However, this theory remained unfinished at the time of his death in 1955.

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Although some of the previous proofs of general relativity could conceivably be explained with alternate theories, Shiu says, “The frame-dragging detected in Gravity Probe B provides yet another independent test that any alternative to Einstein’s general relativity would have to meet.”

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#25. The miracle year 1905: this year is believed to be a miracle year in Albert Einstein’s life. He published four papers during this year, representing his most creative work. These papers were about the Quantum theory, Brownian motion (existence of atoms), Electrodynamics of moving bodies and the most famous equation in the world – the E=MC2 equation – establishing the relationship between mass and energy. At this time, he was just 26 years old and worked during the day at a patent office.

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While Maxwell's electrodynamics was reigning supreme, Einstein had recognized that it faced a serious problem. The theory was supposed to give an account of heat radiation, the sort of radiation we warm our hands with in front of a roaring fire. really just a jumbled distribution of energy. The energy is distributed randomly over many molecules, if the heat is in a gas, or over many frequencies of light, if we have heat radiation. A standard part of this theory of heat is that the distribution moves towards the most probable distribution, which becomes its equilibrium distribution.

What Einstein recognized and laid out clearly in the first part of his 1905 light quantum paper was that this essential equilibrium distribution in Maxwell's electrodynamics (or, more precisely, that it required an impossible, infinite energy density). It was an early, clear statement of what Ehrenfest later called "the ultraviolet catastrophe." Einstein recalled in his that he had known of these sorts of problem very early.

But why react to these problems by doing away with the founding idea of the wave theory of light, that the energy of light is distributed in space? Why not choose a less severe mutilation of the theory? Planck, for example, came to favor the idea that the whole problem could be solved by with our assumptions about how light interacts with matter. There was no need to change essentially our conception of light or matter individually.

Einstein had a specific reason for expecting that this sort of cautious tinkering would fail. When one looks at fluids like air or water, there is no apparent indicator at human scales that they consist of very many molecules. More precisely, that is true as long as one doesn't know what indicators to look for. Einstein did know. In the years leading up to 1905, he had been systematically investigating the macroscopic properties of such systems in order to discern their microscopic constitutions. In that process, he had become very familiar with the of particular microscopic constitutions.

The simplest signature belonged to ideal gases. That a gas obeys the ideal gas law macroscopically turns out to be an assurance that it consists microscopically of many, spatially localized, independent component molecules. That signature could be used elsewhere. The solutes of dilute solutions exert an osmotic pressure that obeys the ideal gas law; that reveals to us that the solute consists of many, spatially localized components that do not interact with each other.

In 1905, a form of this same signature in high frequency heat radiation. So he could infer that the energy of heat radiation has the same macroscopic properties as an ideal gas or a dilute solution. The analysis of that signature comprised the core argument of Einstein 1905 light quantum paper; and the inference from it that the energy of heat radiation lives in quanta is presented as his light quantum hypothesis.

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Light beams from distant stars were indeed observed bending as they passed our Sun and this was considered conclusive proof that the theory was valid.Ninety-eight years after the publication of the theory of relativity, ESA’s ATV-4 will be launched from Kourou, French Guiana, bearing the name of its author: Albert Einstein. For more from the Albert Einstein archives visit:

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