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The first thing to be saidabout this is that it is something new. Opponents of abortion have been soconcerned to make out the independence of the fetus, in order to establish thatit has a right to life, just as its mother does, that they have tended tooverlook the possible support they might gain from making out that the fetus isdependent on the mother, in order to establish that she has a special kind ofresponsibility for it, a responsibility that gives it rights against her whichare not possessed by any independent person--such as an ailing violinist who isa stranger to her.

But it might be argued thatthere are other ways one can have acquired a right to the use of anotherperson's body than by having been invited to use it by that person. Suppose awoman voluntarily indulges in intercourse, knowing of the chance it will issuein pregnancy, and then she does become pregnant; is she not in part responsiblefor the presence, in fact the very existence, of the unborn person inside? Nodoubt she did not invite it in. But doesn't her partial responsibility for itsbeing there itself give it a right to the use of her body? If so, then heraborting it would be more like the boys taking away the chocolates, and lesslike your unplugging yourself from the violinist--doing so would be deprivingit of what it does have a right to, and thus would be doing it an injustice.

Jokinen, Beth L. ''Anti-abortion advocate brings message to ONU.'' Lima News, The (OH) 25 10 2006.

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rights can be called quite a controversial topic for the research and the student has a bright opportunity to research the problem from all sides and to dwell on the support or opposition against abortion and the movements supporting this action. Obviously, the young person has to read about abortion, its cause and effect, the factors which make women get rid of their baby, etc. It is reasonable to collect up-to-date facts about the issue in order to make the paper look relevant, informative and well-analyzed. One is able to draw his own conclusion trying to as objective as possible.

Evidently, the student will have serious troubles with writing a term paper if he does not possess enough experience and knowledge about the organization and formatting of the text. A free example term paper on abortion rights can be the quality piece of advice to every young professional who is looking for the efficient assistance. Following the free sample term paper on abortion rights one can improve the quality of the text, its structure and the choice of the methods for the exploration of the matter.

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Women who have had an abortion are more likely to have substance abuse problems then women who are not pregnant or who have given birth to their child (Pedersen 1971). There was an exception made for women who continue to live with the father of their aborted baby. They are not at an increased risk. Doing a study like this has many variables; however, even after a control range of these variables there remained the link between abortion and substance abuse. Women are more than twice as likely to abuse drugs if they have had an abortion (Pedersen 1974). This is not to say that everyone who has had an abortion has a drug addiction. However, substance use enables women to forget, to feel better, or even just to function. Many who have had an abortion have an emptiness in their lives that they are trying to fill. This puts them at an increased risk for substance abuse. A woman inclined toward substance abuse might consider alternatives closely before making her decision.

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The Abortion Research Paper – Child or Choice

Rue V.M., Coleman P.K., Rue J.J., Reardon D.C. “Induced abortion and traumatic stress: a preliminary comparison of American and Russian women.” Med Sci Monit; (2004)10: SR5-S16., 11 Feb. 2009

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Corbett MR, and Turner KL. ''Essential elements of postabortion care: origins, evolution and future directions.'' International Family Planning Perspectives 29.3 (Sep. 2003): 106-111. MEDLINE. EBSCO. SOCC Library, North Bend, OR. 11 Feb. 2009

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Coleman, PK, VM Rue, and M Spence. ''Intrapersonal processes and post-abortion relationship challenges: a review and consolidation of relevant literature.'' Internet Journal of Mental Health 4.2 (Nov. 2007): 34p. CINAHL with Full Text. EBSCO. SOCC Library, North Bend, OR. 4 Feb. 2009

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I suppose that in some viewsof human life the mother's body is only on loan to her, the loan not being onewhich gives her any prior claim to it. One who held this view might well thinkit impartiality to say "I cannot choose." But I shall simply ignorethis possibility. My own view is that if a human being has any just, priorclaim to anything at all, he has a just, prior claim to his own body. Andperhaps this needn't be argued for here anyway, since, as I mentioned, thearguments against abortion we are looking at do grant that the woman has aright to decide what happens in and to her body. But although they do grant it,I have tried to show that they do not take seriously what is done in granting it.I suggest the same thing will reappear even more clearly when we turn away fromcases in which the mother's life is at stake, and attend, as I propose we nowdo, to the vastly more common cases in which a woman wants an abortion for someless weighty reason than preserving her own life.

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Roe v Wade was the Supreme Court trial that legalized abortion in all fifty states. They used a woman named Norma McCorvey who wanted to have an abortion (and never got it). She could not afford to have a baby, so for financial help, she agreed to allow herself to be used in the case. Yet, years later, she finally expressed the pain that working in an abortion clinic caused her. In fact, she became in her own words, “one hundred percent pro-life.” (11). McCorvey talks about how she was used by the industry to make abortion legal. Sarah Weddington, the lawyer, needed someone to sign the affidavit and fade away to remain silent forever (5). The case was never about helping Norma McCorvey.

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The extreme view could of course be weakened to say that while abortion is permissible to save the mother's life, it may not be performed by a third party, but only by the mother herself. But this cannot be right either. For what we have to keep in mind is that the mother and the unborn child are not like two tenants in a small house which has, by an unfortunate mistake, been rented to both: the mother owns the house. The fact that she does adds to the offensiveness of deducing that the mother can do nothing from the supposition that third parties can do nothing. But it does more than this: it casts a bright light on the supposition that third parties can do nothing. Certainly it lets us see that a third party who says "I cannot choose between you" is fooling himself if he thinks this is impartiality. If Jones has found and fastened on a certain coat, which he needs to keep him from freezing, but which Smith also needs to keep him from freezing, then it is not impartiality that says "I cannot choose between you" when Smith owns the coat. Women have said again and again "This body is my body!" and they have reason to feel angry, reason to feel that it has been like shouting into the wind. Smith, after all, is hardly likely to bless us if we say to him, "Of course it's your coat, anybody would grant that it is. But no one may choose between you and Jones who is to have it."

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By making abortion legal, women are pressured into making a decision that strongly goes against their maternal instincts. At the time when she is first processing the thought that she is pregnant, she is probably confused, angry or hurting. She is very vulnerable to people around her and she is more likely to make rash decisions than she would at other times in her life. This is why so many women have abortions that they later regret.

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